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  1. Lister Dave

    Technically it should be called a supercharger, not a turbocharger. Turbocharger is short for turbo-supercharger, which is in turn short for turbine driven supercharger. The 'turbo' is for the driving part, not the compressor part and in this case what is driving the compressor (supercharger) is is an electric motor instead of the turbine, so maybe you could call it an electrocharger if that didn't sound so awful. I'm not much of a fan of this idea. The only thing better than a normal turbocharger is having less lag, but in all other respects it is far inferior. Something similar which I think is a great idea is a combination, where you have a normal turbocharger with electric assistance, that electric assistance being used only to spin up the compressor quicker than the turbine can and then once up to speed the electric motor doesn't need to do anything. I know such a system is currently in use on some cars but I can't remember which.

  2. ICantBelieve ItsButters

    I know everything isn't always rainbows and butterflies and a loooooot of work goes into making these videos. Thank you for taking extra time, finances and resources to sharing your fun with all of us and letting us share in the experiences!

  3. Bence Gábor Slezák

    So a GT3RS can't carry more speed through a corner than a Tesla. Are you kiddddding meee??????????

  4. ratykat

    Bounce on the devil, put the pedal to the floor?

  5. Luis Carrion

    15:56 SKETCHY *AF* 😂

  6. Wolfpackflt670

    I want to see this installed on a pure sport SXS

  7. saku kokkonen


  8. Gary

    That'a boy Alec!! Holding it down and awesome camera work 💪👍

  9. Capshots Media

    I know Ford has the 7.3L Godzilla..which is 445 cubic inches....but did I hear that bronco had a 460 cubic inch Ford motor? that would be a 7.5L right?...

  10. David Smith

    That guy posted that boat all over Scream and Fly on Facebook, it is hacked together and a time bomb

  11. Austin K

    Lmfao go Alec 😂😂😂💯💯

  12. Andrew Howells

    "New suit goofin"

  13. Bobby Griffith

    You should get a car worthy on going on all these trips dude like get a mini van or suv or something

  14. Subadude

    Dudes play real life Forza horizons here

  15. soldierofliberty

    Say no to the vaccine

  16. Robert Gasser

    9:59 Yoo! Check that honda fit out! On the left!

  17. Jack Price

    So bizzare the USA still has tyre spikes as a normal thing on entrance and exit of parking lots, land of freedom?

  18. Joe Smo

    Love it!!!👍😎😜😁

  19. Maalmanis

    Deam this was sick video. Cleeter Mc Sender 😀😀😀😀😀

  20. Nicholas Zamelis

    Actually that low water pick up lower unit is worth some money. 24” prop isn’t long enough though.

  21. Charley Horse

    Needs more weight in the back. It isn't squatting for shit. Need more hookup on the launch. Either cut 4" off the frame, or put some junk in the trunk!

  22. corwinsgsr

    Them EC130s are absolute UNITS! I work for a company here in Hawaii that specializes in tours using these EC130s, I must say.. I can’t get enough of it. We only have B4s on our island but got T2s on the other islands because of elevation. But you’re totally 💯 on it when you said they are “the Cadillacs of the sky” lol. Right on brother! 🤟🤟. Next video: he’s done land, water and now air! 🤣🤣 cleeets buys an aircraft!!

  23. Geoff Infield

    5:58 you couldn't hire a better camera operator than Mr "I'll Just Stick The Cellphone Out The WIndoooooohhHHHH JESUS!! Pan! Pan! Pan!!!". That was superb 😲

  24. Cody Benzie

    Cleetus sponsored by FRD very soon I feel

  25. Charley Horse

    Excellent Fort Hamer drop in. That prop is super high pitch, you're cavitating hardcore out of the hole. Let's race that bad boy! I've a 18' VIP.

  26. afif supri AS

    Apa iya bisa membuat lebih irit BBM kita....saya rasa tdk mungkin lh?...gmn menurut anda

  27. slim pickens

    Cleet needs to work on his following

  28. Casey Moons

    Anyone know where this is?

  29. Jon Brown

    You can borrow any of my vehicles if you come to northeast Oklahoma any time.

  30. Matthew Ward

    call it black ops

  31. SavageRugIt

    $2500 will buy that guy plenty of whatever his drug of choice is.

  32. Theo Xydias

    the gt86 with ferrari engine ex car of Ryan Tuerck. Car sold so he can finish the judd powered drift supra

  33. Papechaser

    Damn u guys can drive!!!!!

  34. Let’sGooChamp!!!

    How cool is Vaughn bro absolute legend of a man !

  35. Aaron Brunelle

    Sweet ride!

  36. Jana Taylor

    Call her blackie

  37. Jvest18

    Badass man

  38. Len Whiteside

    Cletus that motor needs the shift linkage adjusted and you will be golden, no more hard shifts.

  39. Hellerion Business

    🤘 Hell Yeah 👍

  40. IPX CARS

    Met you at gridlife it was an honor, I was one of the beavers

  41. danwangofficial

    It's like a 007 boat in that one chase scene lol

  42. FeverDream

    “FRICK” lmao

  43. Justin Smith

    Need some life jackets but you’re sitting on some

  44. Anonymous 1

    You lifted and TRIED to steer when you hit the rock. They don't steer without thrust.

  45. Joshua Musgrove

    I wanna see ruby and farm truck and Leroy and dung beetle in a 1/4mile

  46. Real Richmond

    Cleetus- I have one rule don't run over my grass Also cleetus- (runs over grass) "I was distracted! "😅🤙🏼

  47. Kevin Stack

    Ole cleeter needs one of them mustangs

  48. Me Me

    The monster comin up like zero gravity was golden 🤟🏻

  49. Kevin McCoy

    Content has been great lately. Good work guys.

  50. Kyle Wentworth

    Chelsea is the best chase driver in the game, Vaughn needs a hair cut. Over all great video. Love you all.

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  51. Jeremy G

    I love this build there's nothing like a huge billet blower sticking 3 foot out a hood that screams AMERICA!!! The only thing I would of preferred is a C3 used instead of a camero put that's a child hood dream thing

  52. Bret Andrews

    Bring the Northeast Ohio Dukes to Florida please!!!!

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  53. Q_Productions

    Alec’s in car filming, chefs kiss

  54. Travis Hartley


  55. toob247

    I would say J.P. has mastered his craft.

  56. Basshunter Tv

    good name would be jetlag

  57. Christian Herrera

    Lol you can’t slowly throw it into reverse or forward. You need to firmly put it in gear without hesitating. If you keep doing it slow it’s going to keep grinding.

  58. Bad Deal

    That 363 just sounds good 👌🏻

  59. Jake Holloway

    I've never noticed the extra set of peddles in the fun haver! That's fucking sick lol

  60. george gouvas

    lose the shades,mr no cool

  61. kleetus92

    You guys missed a perfect opportunity to overlay some Airwolf theme music on this!

  62. Michael Taylor

    I remember when this track was brand new. My dad was one of the truck drivers that helped pave the track. It is awesome to see you guys at the track.

  63. Rod Pérez TV

    Try it on a 1.8 VW

  64. FullSendMarine Darwin

    Don't die cleet, 75mph is no joke :D

  65. David Kelm

    krazy giraffes !

  66. Tim S


  67. Tim S

    Sick Ass Boat Just Needs Some Love!!! BUILT BY A FLORDIA MAN!!!!!

  68. Eric McNair

    can we get a retro wave type background shirt with the cleetus face saying "holy Tolito" on a dark pink purple shirt? I want a medium size for the first print for the idea.

  69. dj22356

    What’s it got STUNTMAN!!!

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  70. I will bnned after I speak Why

    That was cool

  71. Joel Cotton

    Tuxedo is the name. Get a bow tie

  72. Kyle Roberts

    Vaughn sound the windshield!!!

  73. Owen Dodman

    Yo respect "show him that photo... PLEASE" I have so much more respect for Vaughn than I did 15 seconds before hearing that, 👏what an amazing guy

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  74. David Kelm

    Ole Cleetus be heloing soon

  75. Osvaldo Hernandez

    Adam lz needs to drift w all of themmm

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  76. mustangman6579

    So much fun. I need a drift fox.

  77. Travis Taylor

    Yea you can borrow my fox body race car 2 sec later looks over n doors are off lol. Dude you couldn't ask for better freinds

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  78. Josh Buck