1,700hp WAR BIRD Freaking STUNS Our Crowd in Texas!!! + Brent Almost Rolls the Mystery Machine...

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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Hey... y'all ever heard of baldeagle.com/ hahaha I love it

      1. The Rigdons

        Will eat bird be at Indy?

      2. Carter Jacob

        @Jesse Terrance Wow! Took like 10 minutes but it actually worked!!

      3. Jesse Terrance

        Dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Just google for it enjoy!

      4. Thomas smith

        I live not far from the Rod Shop and buying parts from there as a young hoon was a big part of my life decades ago, it warms my heart to see that sticker and car on such a big youtube channel so far away :)

      5. 7071t6

        bit of advice, put up chain fence with he Concrete barriers, otherwise you going to have a massive law suit on your hands if a little bit of material comes off the tyres and hits a person, now you dont want that to happen right?

    2. Codyjrt

      How dare you. ;)

    3. Eddie Ellison

      You’ll have that on these big jobs! HAHHAHAHA

    4. braeden F

      how do I register for one of these events?

    5. Lucas Hoffman

      7:19 bald eagles at their finest

    6. Aleksander Nowak

      looks like there isnt any corona in usa

    7. 999

      Nothing beats South African burnouts. Imagine this skid but with someone dancing on the roof.

    8. Mikey M.

      DemolitionRanch El Chromino was chattering like crazy when he started then it stopped. I wanna know what happened

    9. James Combs

      That 2nd gen was fuckin mint brother!!!

    10. Andres Escalante

      The best burnout was the first one ondgas did it better

    11. Kaleb brahhh

      Showing them Americans how to do a real burnout with warbird

    12. Alex Tanner

      gotta invite the second gen dude to come back. that was insane

    13. Benaya Moses

      Btw guys, Demolition Ranch is in this video 😂

    14. Big John Clark

      What's under the hood of the Scooby. Van dam. What's that thing tackin?? 15000 hell maybe 20000. A baaaad bitch brother dam

    15. jarryd Currell

      that not a burnout

    16. Ray

      FUCKING BALD EAGLE DOT COM ROCKS !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅

    17. fordtechlife

      WAR BIRD, FTW #BALDEAGLES 👍💪👊🇺🇲🔧💯🚗🔥🔥🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    18. Rob Gieseke

      Dodge 4x4 for the win !!!!!

    19. Maidenlord 666

      I'm actually here trying to find Derek in Independence I watched them build a car I actually watched him pick it up when it was falling apart that car is awesome best motor paint job I've ever seen

    20. Plumbs7

      Hmmm looks like Australia! Haha!

    21. Life in Washington

      The light on Chromamino was a very cool touch coming through the smoke.

    22. Garrett McCord

      Damn that Cummins showed up to party!

    23. Tyler Mcgee

      What In The Hell Is Air Pollution? 😂

    24. Vinny V

      8:35 For a split second there, I thought that was a XF Falcon.

    25. Vinny V

      5:56 That S14 was more Drift than Burnout. Still pretty sick though.

    26. Rowdy Boys

      6:05 who likes that car

    27. Devilcharger

      Was that a F.A.R.T at the 23:04 mark?🤣🤣🤣

    28. tylerpayne07

      I'm not kidding. My left eye started watering watching this. It's so amazing. I'm just disappointed my right didn't join in.

    29. supersmalls

      you need a massive fan at one end to blow that smoke away so you can see, maybe some radial engine with a prop on it

    30. Beau Falkingham

      Merica you have win the burnout comp.. I'd rather go to that event than our aussie ones . Good ol boys and normal cars love it

    31. The Royal Way

      JH definitely got speed wobbles during that foot races 😂

    32. Phillips_offroad_2

      Smoke em for dale!

    33. madaxe79

      In Australia we lose points is we hit the barrier, but if it’s not for point, then go for it

    34. madaxe79

      I have to admit, I got half a chubby seeing diesel smoke and tyre smoke at the same time...

    35. Pierce Keteri

      So much Murica!!

    36. Pierce Keteri

      Was not expecting that Cummins guy but he ripped!!!

    37. Chiefs Hotline

      I've been sleeping on Cleetus man....what a shame.

    38. Deep Six

      They'd be carting me off to the hospital from the smoke. My asthma would kill me.


      war bird vs hoonicorn make it a thing

    40. Terry Austin

      Watched all the way through just to see warbird destroy the american contestants. That thing is a BEAST

    41. drag racing fun

      chevy or ford

    42. Blake The Foxxo

      That diesel truck fucking killed it!!!

    43. 888HUSKERS

      I can’t hear you over my FREEDOM!!!

    44. Christian Hardy

      The location of the burnout box wasn’t as good as last years. If you didn’t get in the grandstands in time you weren’t gonna be able to see it. Last year you had a perfect view from the top of the bleachers. Unfortunately because of this I missed the ENTIRE burnout comp this year. Still a bad ass event 2years in a row and plan on being there next year

    45. J NS

      cletus is king george from queen of the south , seriously

    46. TYZGMH81

      The diesel truck needs smaller wheels or tyres that’s ever Aussie’s do as not enough power for the big wheels unless it’s blown try that you’ll not blow it up every time

    47. Rob P

      21:42 iconic WarBird

    48. Tyler Bradley

      Wish there was a cleetus and cars in Arizona

    49. Rafael Bautista

      Thats cummins tho🔥🔥

    50. Ethan

      Love the domain name.

    51. Da Volucè

      The war bird and el Camino reminded me of the skids here in aus

    52. Sammy Lisa Smith

      Yep yep great show man that's alsome what i know a good man and a good woman good life

    53. The Architect


    54. The Architect

      BRENT is a LEGEND!!! Dude is a meme of positivity and genuine goodness! Dude I love this guy!!! He’s the perfect example of how living positively and helping others blesses your own life jsut as much as others,..what a legend!

    55. Nickes Garage

      One thought when I see the El Camino? If a wheel comes off, is there a fence to catch it before it hits the crowd? Just curiuos... Instead of a bald eagle it could be a bad legal....

      1. xXTrippleCrippleNippleFishXx

        That also goes for other pieces of those cars, like plastic fragments from smashes up rear lights could be launched into someone's eyes by the spinning wheels.

    56. Randall Mason

      Dodge Cummins for the win!!

    57. boogerwelder

      Ball Deagle?

    58. Pine Tree Fishing

      11:00 look at the heat!!!

    59. The Architect

      8:16 anyone have a channel or anything for this guy??? Looks like a lifted v8 swapped Hyundai tibburon ,...I need to find a channel I want to buy this thing or have him build me one!

    60. David Baird

      Hell yea brother you put on 1 hell of a show thats for sure hopefully someday ill make it to one of them

    61. ABreezy 101

      Baldeagle.com?... best decision you’ve ever made!

    62. Buy_1jeff !

      Love the ole 24 vale 😂

    63. tigerraven And co

      its all fun and games till the australian turns up

    64. madjh

      Cleetus fire up and the guy behind scared 😅 War bird is amazing.

    65. Paul Clifford

      Hell yeah! You fellas giving it the full Aussie Summernat sends!

    66. Henry Roberts

      I want more diesel action

    67. Ta Manh Dung

      The present pediatrician peroperativly spare because book clinicopathologically pine onto a warlike talk. economic, steep leo

    68. Brendan Osler

      Good to see you learnt some stuff from us strayans

    69. blaise posorske

      Would b pretty cool if u did something up here in Wisconsin

    70. Arma Letalia

      18:37 Was that truck leaking water (coolant)?

    71. 7071t6

      Nothing beats the Aussies doing burnouts comps even when we first started back in the early 1980's. :)

    72. Goodballa

      Bug props to Isuzu, Joe, where you at. If you know you know.

    73. Bad Gas Video

      Chevette 🤘🏻

    74. Arto the Wanderer

      Damn bro.. Warbird is such a beast. Much respect to Australia!! Can’t wait til’ they can actually come over here after all these bullshit “virus” restrictions end. My mom has a house in Canada and they won’t even allow her to enter that country..... when like I said...... she OWNS a house there. This is one of the biggest hoaxes in world history. So sad how many people believe everything the news tells them. Half the country are beyond deaf, dumb and blind.... to say the least. Anyhoo.... got off track there. But hell yeah brother!!! Warbird FTW!!!! Keep it up Cleet.... you’re killing it. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯

    75. john rosciolo

      didn't know i could like demo ranch anymore

    76. Steven Mccullough

      Oh man! I just lernt how to spell Cleetus and now you want me to larn eagle . . . is that with one umlaut or two? Shoulda got sumpin wif merica in it. Dang fancy pance!

    77. DanGoodShot pewpew

      Did anyone else notice the fire under JH Diesel?

    78. AICS USA

      Great burnouts! Thanks for sharing! Take care and God bless everyone! David

    79. TheBurnerOfTires

      Ford Fuckin Ranger😂😂😂🤘🏻

    80. j moore

      now it get it.....its in texas.....texas tends to tell the goverment to eat a dick with there covid laws

    81. John Macias

      El camino was the best

    82. Kaiserm35

      Nice to see the people tacking covid-19 seriously 😳 But who cares ass long as cletus can stuff cash in his pocket. Strange that events like this is allowed when people die like flies in the us due to covid.

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9-----

    83. Alternativeknow

      Congratulations CLEETUS and gang! Gutsy show by a great American pioneers. Leading the assault on Aussie dominance. Excited to see AUS v USA in the future. Burnout from cleetus done all Aussies proud. Used the whole pad without tapping the wall... and stayed on it!! , forever legend Down Under. KEEP FREE

    84. Diego H

      OnDGas with the sick burnout

    85. Michael Chester

      If it wasn't for 187 Customs, I wouldn't be here. You do you my friend, this is 'Merica.... Thank you for taking me, and millions of others along... Like and sub ppl,. This isn't a dog an pony show?

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9-----

    86. Kyle Hajinakitas

      Warbird baby yeah 🤘🤘🤘 nothing like an Aussie burnout car. Great video btw cleetus

    87. Snipars

      At 10:17 I was on the right side of the car and that throttle tap really fucking hurt my ears lmao.

    88. Bunny Hall

      The ranger was sabotaged...lmao

    89. Toxic Masculinity

      Bald eagle sounds like an adult entertainment site 😂

    90. Jayden Mitchell

      Need the aussies over to show you how it done

    91. Revelation Motovlog

      I was so excited. I just knew he was going to say CMF.com. That would of been it. But by going with baldeagle.com he will end up getting all the bird fanatics by accident.

    92. Karl Klein

      About three polar bears drowned from the global warming caused by this video.

    93. Jeremy Craig

      Wow that was badass!! Just liked and subscribed

    94. nashisbeast28

      That was so Badass!!!

    95. Christopher Robin Garrish

      500 years ago the English Speaking People's enjoyed theatre......

    96. Avinesh Surujbally

      This is awesome !!! But isn’t there at least one person who wants to rip their semi ? Hell yeah brother semi truck burnout !!!

      1. Brandon Sherwood

        Check out the Bandag Bullet.

    97. Richardw397

      a bald eagle is a shaved vagina. I LOVE Bald eagles

    98. I SEE You

      Put some REFLECTORS on the concrete barrier..Or flashing lights..JS AWESOME burn outs ...

    99. J D

      That Falcon is badass.

    100. Mi Chavo

      Cleetus and James are sick assholes at shows you try and talk to them and they ignore you or walk away wtf !!!!