Bombing Through the Night to Florida & Picking Up My Dad's Hellcat RAM 1500 TRX!!!

885K weergaven63

    It's Freedom 500 time at the Freedom Factory! Time to roll out of Houston and get to FL ASAP!
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    Cleetus McFarland
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    United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    1. oneshotpete 6.5

      That Ram is one badass looking truck !!! and i’m a chevy guy ...

    2. Kirkpatrick Construction

      what editor do you use

    3. Forrest McCalley

      Eww, A Freightliner... no offense... but such a Turd plastic truck... gotta get a Pete like the Purple Car Hauller! 😎🤘🏻🇺🇲

    4. Ingress Wizard

      I’m from Mobile, love to see you blow the tunnel!

    5. Davion Visuals

      Hell yeah Mobile Alabama that’s my city everyone love that tunnel

    6. George196207

      Why did you take the trailer full of cars ?

    7. mark im

      That engine cover has to go, otherwise who wants a TRX ,that hide the beast when you lift the hood..hey let that fool who jumped his TRX break it in for ya, lol..sure your dad would love that.l

    8. mark im

      Wonder if he realizes how much he says fire me up, lol..

    9. mark im

      Pretty much everyone is buying the TRX, shame it’s not a single cab,and even more so a extended cab..hey these videos make me miss living in Houston, but the traffic just sucks .l

    10. Mar del plata Limos

      Amazing 🤟🏽

    11. Roman Magley

      21 fire me ups later

    12. William Dikeman

      I watch for racetrack renovation, don't care about your racing. Teared up on the proposal video, and have mad respect for the videos that show the grind. You're doing great, keep up the good work.

    13. Creator 262

      Good thing you morons bought those cups of gravel so he could afford..... what was it? Light poles or something 😂 idiots.

    14. moparfan2015

      How many OG’s in here remember the leased ram with a procharger? Lol

    15. Glockspecific

      I want one!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Cleetus McFarland

      I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    17. Cleetus McFarland

      I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    18. Caleb Driskell

      Where y’all on 12 like 4 days ago

      1. Cleetus McFarland

        I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    19. G M

      Feel sorry for your poor Dad. Should have bought him a Model S Plaid. That dodge will be worthless in 5 years! As combustion engines go the way of the dinosaurs.

      1. Cleetus McFarland

        I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    20. gorge washington

      nice pickup truck ! nice trucker helping you sad is not on video doing the tire change

      1. Cleetus McFarland

        I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    21. Kap Stothers still prefer the ford ranger raptor

      1. Cleetus McFarland

        I~n~v~e~s~t~i~n~B~T~C~$~E~T~H W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P +1~2~1~3~9~2~1~9~7~5~9~~

    22. Darth Kso

      Cool to see a piece of home in your vid.

    23. MADLARZ

      Wants a Warship... I know a guy that can get you a submarine 🤣

    24. Moreofjose M

      Everyone saying that’s hard lol that’s just a regular day for truckers

    25. J P

      Look how cheap it looks with all the junk plastic on it . Way to much money

      1. J P

        @Game of trades 🤔🤔🤔🤔

      2. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    26. Kyler

      I spy Copenhagen wintergreen

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    27. Black Beard Dave

      Make sure u get urself a rewards card for each of the truck stops..gain points everytime you fuel up and get get free items in store with the points

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    28. Chris Luscomde

      I love the average mpg right in the middle of the dash so you can see all the fun you're having 😆

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    29. Randy Stockdale

      Dave Smith Motors out of Kellog Idaho, sells all Dodge Products for 25 bucks over dealer invoice. They make their money on volume sales/Factory kickbacks on total monthly sales. I've bought many trucks and Durango's from them and the price wasn't even close to any other place. It's been a few years so I hope it hasn't changed as it was a great model for Auto Sales , imo.

    30. Raymond Miller

      I saw Ralphy when he was going south on 75 just south of wildwood the other day when he was taking the cars back.

    31. Naltddesha

      Why did they take that huge car hauler to the dealership to pick up the TRX if they ended up just driving it back to Florida? Did I miss something?

    32. Dilly Bar

      @10:19 Little cope wintergreen ferda

    33. Richard Harvey

      That burnout was rather squirrely

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    34. Nopsi

      2,89 per Gallone Diesel.... converted from metric to freedom units we are paying around 5.14 $ per Gallone Diesel here in Germany 😢

    35. Jonathan Patterson

      It’s crazy to think that, that Cass Burch dealership is literally 30 minutes from my house!!!

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    36. Zachary Perkins

      Should have gotten it in iowa!aparently people are buying them left in right because they're slightly cheaper all said and done with. I've detailed 3 of them already yo. But that white is grarly!

    37. Mgarcia76

      Do you need a CDL for the rig?

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    38. Travis Hartley


      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    39. Lyndon Branaman

      Race the dullay

    40. Tye Dull

      Wheres the roll bar in the bed and the beed locks

    41. Nate Avery

      Cletus next video. I bought a battleship!

    42. Jeff Baught

      "I need Me one a them" Florida Man buys Battleship

      1. Game of trades

        I---n---v---e---s---t---i---n---B~T---C---$---E---T---H W---H---A---T---S---A---P---P +1---2---1---3---9---2---1---9---7---5---9----

    43. east PA jeeper

      It's not about miles per gallon, it's smiles per gallon

    44. Wioletta Porzuczek

      Every time he says fire me up ya gotta take a shot

    45. Craig heavyhaul

      Tires r probably not rated for 80 mph 😂😂😂 my semi tires r rated for 75

    46. Mike Hardeman

      I wonder which one of the guys dips Copenhagen??

    47. Asap Rulers

      Geez should y'all be doing 80 miles an hour in that rig lol

    48. Moon TV

      5:12 that look you give your friend when ... 😂 that’s legendary

    49. Ronny

      Lets show some love for Georgie!! RodKnock Rodney ftw!!!!!

    50. poopyfarthead

      Somebody get this man an Iowa class battleship! In all seriousness you should get some kind of boat/ship 150+ ft long, but if you manage to get a warship that's cool too

    51. David Wilson

      Fire me up!! Just started watching your vids and love them.

    52. BangDroid

      Where do you get your energy bro? Busiest man on YT I swear.

    53. Ryan Flores

      Hey cleet them freightshakers start lighting up like Christmas trees at around 15k miles ... or atleast the 2019 I was driving did .

    54. Jesse Robertson

      Thats my dream truck. Right down to the color 🤗👍👍

    55. Ethan Smith

      I literally saw your call hauler, no lie😂😂😂

    56. Adam Metzger

      Drove right by my work in mobile 😭 literally saw my building in the video

    57. Fred Shy

      Just don't let streetspeed717 get a hold of it.

    58. Justin Case

      New drinking game!🥃🥃🥃take a shot every time good old cleeter says "fire me up"😂😂🔥🌲💨😁🥃

    59. Brandon Thorne

      Love ya but pump the brakes on the "fire me ups" lol

    60. Hiei2k7

      Cleeter, was that the USS Alabama you passed? I bet she could use a set of turbskies.

    61. Jay86 _

      Lol nice truck but for all the issues them things having they prolly shouldn't have came so hard at our boys at Ford LOL

    62. Pedro Romero

      Cure for COVID 1:00

    63. PHIL B

      Hi cleet i'm myself a truck driver and i saw your rpm and your speed and if you want to do better milage with your fuel im suggesting to not go over 1500 rpm. The reson beind this is the fact in your DD15 detroit your peek horspower is starting right after so staing between peek torq and horsepower you will get the best

    64. R Anderson

      Texas speed, needs to start making us 6.2 and 6.4 guys some spicy units..

    65. short vidz

      😂😂😂 everything is gotta be fast in this day an age nothing is reliable anymore

    66. Шаде Топью

      I find it very ironic I was sitting in the main gun on that battleship.....3 days before this video was posted. Lol

    67. Zach Dial

      New drinking game take a shot every time cleetus says fire me up

    68. Koji Jones

      It's all fun and games until he puts slicks on the toter and goes 9s

    69. Sideways Starion

      "Average MPG 10.5"

    70. Yoopertube Unlimited services

      Love these trucks, only downside is that it’s full time 4wd or AWD which does kinda sucks... but I’d love to have one though

    71. StreetSuspects

      Me and my boy got George to put it on the wall it was sickkk

    72. lxwvandenberg


    73. DjinnGSXR

      Keeep on spreadin that covid brother! wooooooooooooooooooooo

    74. Redman147

      Should have Nate tune the truck

    75. Vovve

      We're going to be a Dodge dealership soon I've heard.. I guess I need to learn more about trucks 😂

    76. Redman147

      I was wondering where the squirrel truck went xD

    77. kidwave1

      @2:43 6.2 MPG! YIKES!

    78. Eric Mitchell

      $100k biggie

    79. Tyler Phillips

      Ayeeee mobile bay tunnel I lived in Pensacola for a while

    80. Arthur McHugh

      That blue line flag on the toter could go !!! FTP !!!! blue line gang colors

    81. Underp4ntz

      Only thing i smell in george's burnout video is the fcking dead squirrel.

    82. Joshua skovira

      Take a shot every time you hear fire me up

    83. James H

      Are Chad and Garrett brothers?

    84. James H

      It literally looks like a updated raptor haha

    85. Blue Thunder

      Going over 75 for an extended amount of time on semi tires takes a toll on them. I wouldn’t go much faster than that. Also not trying to be that guy, but idk if you all have your CDLs or not but that setup requires a CDL to operate and would hate to see you guys in trouble if you don’t have one. Just looking out!

    86. The Postman

      Nobody: Cleetus: we need a warship. Find me one boys!

    87. coupe437

      makes my 5.7 ram look like a toy

    88. Brian Sowers

      Dealership I work for has sold 3 or 4 so far. Getting 10k over and they’re going out of state. One to Florida actually.

    89. Sherburne Lee

      He dont run with the purple lights on all the time cuz its actually illegal running anything other than amber colored marker lights while the truck is moving. Legal when your parked. Not when moving.

    90. Jerry James

      I'm not sure if I've asked this yet but, do you all have your CDL? Just wondering what the logistics are.

    91. Ryan Alsohaibi

      Hi who did you contact to buy the truck please I'm in Florida I want to buy the trx

    92. booby T

      I’m soo jelly that ram is fucking nuts

    93. Fukthesystem

      Wat a gd baller, pulled n to the dealer n a brand new towderhome an trailer, would been better if u towed the truck just sayin. Me proud of u brother, u made all of this freedom happen enjoy

    94. Gordon Wagner

      0:33 Which was the stronger smell in the cab of that truck? The burning tires or the residual rotting squirrel?

    95. rjr 4949

      Tire pressure monitor???

    96. rjr 4949

      You should go on that battleship someday when you are doing nothing. It is a unit.

    97. 89Interceptor

      3:09 didnt realize cleetus was a dipper, i see that copenhagen and stokers wintergreen

    98. Rip Dom

      you guys need a hellcat 😭😭

    99. Tim Cunningham

      1:05 is the time my like was submitted. That was awesome

    100. Squirrel Chaser

      17.5 trailer tires are the worst. Tire pressure and weight distribution are extremely important. 2 things I would have changed on that trailer. 22.5 tires and air brakes..