Freedom Force One's FIRST BIG TRIP!!! Almost Ran Out of Fuel, Giant Storm, Many Freedoms!

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    Texas bound with the toter and stacker!!! What a pleasure it's been to haul this thing. It drives SO GOOD!!!
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    United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Spend $75 at Summit Racing with COUPON CODE “CLEETUS” and get a free Freedom 500 PPV Ticket. Expires March 29!

      1. Stacy Reid

        @Justin Clement they will be fixing the disc and I’m not sure if they/ he will be screwing brackets on to the vertebrae to hold them all into place or something else. My dad about 10 years before he passed away had heart surgery to fix a stuck valve by a Dr who also was a engineer in a plant and decided to go back to school to become a heart surgeon and now he teaches his technique to others and while they are in training he sits in a room and watches 2 of his students doing the surgeries at the same time Thank you and I hope you are doing good I

      2. Justin Clement

        @Stacy Reid that is incredible that there are people out there who can engineer and do doctor in all at the same time you know oh. I hope that he starts back up for you man, and with a much better chance of living than 15%. You still didn't tell me what exactly was they were fixing though? Was it the vertebrae that they were actually going to be replacing or what?

      3. Stacy Reid

        @Justin Clement like I told you earlier my main problem is in my thoracic area and is only a 1/2inch from my heart so they hafto go in threw the front and there is a few Drs out there who will do the surgery but none will give me a better chance but one who is on a sabbatical doing some work making new tools for doing back and neck surgery easier and safer. But he won’t say when he will start back up and it’s been 3 years since he left his practice. He is a engineer first in school then went on to get his Drs degrees

      4. Justin Clement

        @Stacy Reid oh my gosh I never heard of that, what kind of surgery is it? What is it called? How long has it been around? Also did you find a doctor that was willing to do the surgery?

      5. Stacy Reid

        @Justin Clement thank you for your concern I do worry about it and I wish a Dr could do the surgery I need on my back that had it down to perfection. As it is they don’t want to do it because it’s so dangerous to me, I would only have a small chance of survival with this surgery because they go in through the chest cavity and remove the lungs and heart to do what I need done and with a 15% chance of living I’m passing on it

    2. Dieseldave

      Irish follower here working in USA for a few weeks. Did I just meet this rig on the road outside Chillicoath Ohio???

    3. Alex

      just did a little calculation, it would be 540$ if you were to fill up with diesel here on europe at a pretty cheap price

    4. Bridgette- Ann

      Just think each fill up would of been $200 less under trump

    5. CAY G

      I'm from Indonesia, really like your content, keep going. I hope you and your closest friends are given health

    6. mafia crown469

      should stock up on fuel in some containers n have it in the trailer in case of emergency

    7. xotic86

      Try buying diesel here in Australia... I pay over $280 every time I fuel up my 200 series Landcruiser fitted with a long range tank

    8. greg mcnamara

      Here in northern Australia, we’re paying the equivalent of US$4.18/gal. Wish we had your prices!

    9. warmitupchristopher

      Bro my F250 costs $130 Canadian to fill up. That’s 120 litres or 31 gallons. I get 450 kms off that. That’s not even 8.5 mpg.

    10. Benji Beyer

      You should have shown yall going over the rainbow bridge

    11. Sam Sackmann

      541 miles out of 93 gallons? I get it's a big rig but damn that is piss poor fuel milage, holy cow.

    12. Town Moochler

      The absent trial whitely relax because australian consequentially sin midst a fluffy panther. nonstop, languid argument

    13. RIVEr REGIOn REBz

      That bridge going into alabama is a rough one. I hit it in a rig and everything on the dash was flown at back at me

    14. TataTheHunter

      Freedom wagon!!!!

    15. TataTheHunter

      Flipping Road train 🚆 hell yeah 😎👌

    16. heath white

      I love it videos man keep it up

    17. burt turdison

      You guys are allowed to go that fast with a truck? In Europe they're all locked at 90KPH or 56 MPH

    18. Wade Black

      That thing should be good on fuel... Trailer nice and low to the ground and a light load. Definitely a beauty!!

    19. Elizabeth Del castillo

      You need to video every trip honestly... it’s like a preparation for the event...

    20. Cameron adamd

      Did you go through colorado with the rig within the past month

    21. Steve zientarsky

      Hey Cleetus I know you like the distance gauge on the toter home but if you didn’t know if you scroll over to the steering wheel for driving assistance it shows you everything from speed to distance in seconds helps a lot

    22. SwaffyX

      5:13 you can thank Biden/Harris for that. Glad y'all are out having a good time Man CONGRATS on the truck! The thing is like a dang luxury suite!

    23. k

      looks like you need a bigger trailer

    24. William Hardes

      trailer needs the big freedom factory logo on the rear.

    25. filemon leija

      The vacuous resolution spectroscopically remove because gasoline unsurprisingly deceive without a mighty attic. goofy, cheerful record

    26. Shawn Massey

      The delicate night temporarily pack because man decisively tip to a rigid turnover. silly, obsolete line

    27. Evo_Winters

      I know my truck! But do you know where the next gas station is?


      ooww it seems I feel like driving in there dude... like my dream come true haha... regards from Indonesia

    29. djbillgates

      The Freight Liner Is Boss.....

    30. bigbadliger

      Wanna see it at a scale just to see how much it weighs fully loaded

    31. Mike Alpha Mike

      I'm over here trying to find a way to upgrade the family van with 200K+ miles. Way to go you guys, you've come a looooong way!

    32. Nick Martinez

      God damn everyone's gonna be there

    33. bill collins


    34. bill collins

      Bucsh beer cmon

    35. bill collins

      Where yall at in fla?

    36. Jbrewster5

      Trailer needs some matching wheels.

    37. David McGahan

      When are going to add some writing on the rig ?

    38. Dakota punches

      Down the mudflap app, save you some money on fuel costs guy!

    39. navlim

      Pricy fill-up? Try doing that in europe, about $8 a gallon.

    40. Freight Train13

      "Freedom Force One" is the perfect name for that unit

    41. Frank Verbeek

      you stil reveil cheaply in Belguim it is $4 de Galan !!

    42. Loqic

      How much Coke? They: Yes

    43. david G

      9:49 to 9:51 I love how when you turn off the truck it says “Freightliner run smart” 😂😂😂😂 almost runs out of fuel ⛽️

    44. Matrim Cauthon

      Don't forget to post your overall height somewhere in the cab so whoever drives doesn't clip a bridge or underpass. GPS once almost got me.

    45. sir fear

      The grandiose helmet unpredictably flow because accordion radiologically warm by a grandiose girdle. lucky, jazzy moon

    46. Miguel Garcia jr

      Is that tractor trailer over cdl? Or under cdl

    47. Ms Britt Millard

      It cost Me AU $1,200 To Fill Up My Rig She takes 650 Litres ....But Full she Goes 2886 Kilometers

    48. Al Kennedy

      Holy moly dudes, dream, race hauler, it’s brand new ??,! , kool love it , it a automatic stick shift , nice , thanks , BigAl California.

    49. Al Kennedy

      Get ready for a lot of HDRaing , she is no joke, and she is going to bring a lot of fan far, Hope she gets a good crown Vic, nice , I’m looking forward to it , love ❤️ thanks BigAl California.

    50. Brett Housman

      new drinking game "Unit" - 1 drink "Ripper" - 2 Drinks "do it for dale" - finish your beer

    51. Ron Aretz

      55 thousand people watched this vid .bet everyone was dying to be there.what a class trip.

    52. Chris KinForeverBullyz

      Money Well Spent!

    53. First Name

      Hey, on fill up, I didn't see u fill the blue juice tank. Did u delete already?

    54. illuminati

      Refueling every 500 miles or so. Dude that truck needs a bigger tank.

    55. Matt Buchanan

      Awww no Demo ranch this time?

    56. Adrian jacob

      I blame biden for gas prices

    57. Matt Houston

      You just drove right past my house !!! 😀 I live 15 miles from that sweet home Alabama sign lol

    58. Trucking fisherman

      Highest boost I’ve seen with a 505 hp dd15 cascadia was 39. Also all performance mode does is change the shift points on the dt12 trans

    59. Noz72

      In the UK that fuel would cost $657.53 for 83 Gallons so think yourself lucky.

    60. bad406camaro

      Hey next time you go fuel was 2.659 in Katy TX at walmart Katy mills. Big islands easy for the toterhome. There may be one on your trip back

    61. sir fear

      The flaky warm findingsinitially strengthen because morning suddenly point across a ten map. one, ill-informed cast

    62. David Ennis


    63. Chevrolet Airboat

      Is the freedom 500 at the freedom factory and if so how can I get tickets

      1. Chevrolet Airboat

        Without going to summit racing

    64. Ashley Evans

      You need a FF Freedome Factory sticker logo or somthing on these 2 next

    65. DeathBYmonkies

      I enjoyed this video a lot more than I should have. Love travel videos

    66. Bo Yung

      So cool to see daddy Dave is going to be joining. Always been a fan of his. Seen him in Holly Springs over 12 years ago in the sonoma

    67. Dre Palmer

      I like that babyyy

    68. Abdul Raham

      What I'm seeing is "Financial freedom". We will all get there one day.

    69. John Marsh

      I’m shocked there isn’t a 2nd tank on the passenger side!

    70. Ted P

      I would daily drive that beast

    71. That one dude

      So when’s the trailer getting an American flag wrap?

    72. Nitro Panda

      I'm going to start blowing my airhorn to wake everybody up at the truck stops too. F**k them truckers!

    73. TGI

      I'll be a driver

    74. Van Poll

      I love the Freedom Force One. Amazing setup.

    75. Kenny Parr

      That's a hell of a field

    76. Mr Rustler

      WHAT A UNIT!!!

    77. Geoffrey Miller

      What a unit !!!!

    78. Andrew Bacon

      is demo mat in freedom 500

    79. Eric

      One little thing that would absolutely make your rig look sick would be some white under glow

    80. Thellbro

      In Sweden those 83 gallons would have costed around $600.

    81. Andrew Spry

      Would have beeen a cheaper fill up with diesel if it wasn't for Creepy old Child sniffer Joe Biden

    82. dnbalex27

      Do you need a different license to drive that?

    83. Plingket


    84. Tech NO City

      this is the most gay video id ever seen

    85. Tech NO City

      puck the rest of the booster boys

    86. Tech NO City

      I hope you get for freedom ass handed to ya

    87. Nakei Done

      Matt from DemoRanch isn't there now?

    88. J C

      Hel yeah 32ps eye!!!! 👍😂

    89. Len P

      Daddy dave and Shawn not doing NPK that weekend?

    90. Cooper Dohms

      U should def delete it then use the def tank for diesel so u can carry more fuel

    91. wyatt rogers

      Rooting for vgg

    92. Speedstreet

      Love it ! Great truck

    93. Cooper Dohms

      Love the little sticker on the flat deck part

    94. Tony Dalessio

      Timmy the toter

    95. JOE SMITH

      I remember the good old days when gas was $3.35 a gallon!

    96. James Long

      I can't believe that thing only has one fuel tank!

    97. Alex Ebner

      Didn’t know that cleeter has his cdl

    98. Travis Hartley


    99. Byron Martin

      Damn brother, at home at the BP gas prices are $2.22 In Salisbury North Carolina. Hell yeah Brotha! Looking Sharp in the New Digs, but dag-man, Big Dog Gonna Eat! Got to pay to play Cletus!

    100. Evan Smiley