I Asked Madi to Marry Me...

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    Nothing to say here guys, just me being an awkward nervous giraffe hoping the girl of my dreams says yes :)

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    1. RN

      These aren't tears coming down my eyes, just some bald eagles taking a bath

      1. Ronnie Gilderhus


      2. Drew Meringa

        What he said

      3. pcliftonjr

        You got me too man. Congrats!

      4. Camp Steel

        A couple that races together will stay together .. Congratulations to you both !!

      5. Aaron Laing

        definitely not tears, I'm lost a little eagle's too brother

    2. Taylor Craig

      Just watched this a 2nd time with my wife ❤️ love it! You guys are amazing together! All the very best from down here in New Zealand!

    3. Jeff Schmitt

      Saw your post, just watched the video though. Huge congrats again. So happy for you two.

    4. Sam C.

      Garrett and Madi is going to be great together! Love you guys!!!

    5. Dallin Palmer


    6. Daniel Gaskill


    7. Aaron Rossi


    8. Dylan Allen

      Currently sitting on my couch feeling like a little bitch cause I’m crying at a marriage proposal video

    9. Aaron Kindle

      Congrats cletus !!!!

    10. Michael Riccelli

      thanks for sharing guys

    11. Michael Riccelli

      amazing congrats

    12. Hampton Ballance

      Best. Proposal. Ever!!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!

    13. The Guy From WI

      My wife was roasting me... "Are you crying right now"!? Me - Nahh, I mean, you don't understand, I've been watching for years... he's a good guy... just leave me alone! LOL so happy for you both!

    14. DontDoGarage

      Hell yeah brother congratulations

    15. Bryce L.

      Man i can see that thumbnail at the the end in their house when they're in their 60's

    16. EV-BT-SP YT

      She said no

    17. derek dickenson

      Literally cried watching this bro that was beautiful I've watched u along time and when ur hand went in ur pocket I started crying awesome brother so happy for yall

    18. JC Carpenter

      Almost made my shed a year for ya. Awesome job man!

    19. Sam533

      Not Mr. Baldeagle anymore. It’s Mr. & Mrs. Baldeagle. Congratulations to you two 👏🏼🥳

    20. ratykat

      Hell yeah brother! We've had Ruby and Leroy doing side by side 7's, can we get husband and wife side by side racing down the aisle?

    21. douglas moore

      Hell yeah brother! So happy for y’all, congratulations!!!

    22. reaper2009rzr

      very cool

    23. William Moore

      Happy for yall brother congrats

    24. MrMarkbad

      Aaaaand Subscribed.

    25. Nick Steggel

      Can't believe people are down voting this! also cant believe Cleetus didn't do a victory burnout!

    26. R_vL

      ME: tears knowing i got rejected

    27. Phil C.

      Congratulations I'm so stoked for you two! Props to the guys for the ultra smooth photoshoot directions, "now put your hand in your pocket" - genius

    28. Jackson Behne

      Hell yeah brother🤟

    29. manbehindthebeard

      Yeeesss Brother!!! Bro literally have tears of joy for you man. Happy and excited for you two!

    30. carrying ii

      hmmmm her reaction didn’t seem awfully convincing lol

    31. Azza Hunting

      Congratulations, so excited.

    32. Justin Jeter

      Congratulations guys

    33. Drengelus

    34. Jesse Dunlap

      Not cheesy so cool dude

    35. Steamerflames 234

      Congrats man

    36. Jeff Hale

      Fire me up! Freakin congratulations!

    37. Brandon Tscheschlog

      Lucky man! Congrats!

    38. Sean Siller

      Congratulations to the both of you!

    39. Tom E

      good for them, well done

    40. Takashi Nick 9

      If you weren't rich she wouldn't even talk to you.

      1. bruh moment

        Hello life of the party

    41. see ya

      That's what money gets you.

    42. Ryan Stokely

      I cried more than a baby bald eagle cries for momma bald eagle 😢

    43. Kibsaym Santiago

      Cletus bro much love congrats

    44. Daniel Aredes

      We have just witnessed the happiest giraffe on the planet

    45. Mehuli

      "Local Giraffe proposes to dog woman next to a bunch of corvettes"

    46. CoyoteFur

      Not gonna lie, little misty right meow. Hell yea brother!!!

    47. Nate O

      Wow that was awesome

    48. Randall Elliott

      Congratulations guys

    49. Stuart Walker


    50. Josh Steven

      Congrats man!!!!! Iwish I could have proposed one a track I owned but hey in Aruba isn't bad either!!!!

    51. WYZMaro 97

      I Almost Cried. Lmao. Is her ring a RUBY? Lol

    52. That Random Aussie

      Good work!

    53. Southwest ORV

      You've done a lot of cool stuff. This is the coolest yet.

    54. Bruce Munro

      Congratulations guys 🎊🎈🍾

    55. Jason Wolke

      Hell yeah brother 😁

    56. Mike Roy

      Yeah, brother!

    57. Spencer Davis

      Jest hell yea brother

    58. adam0U812 Davies

      That was cool 👍

    59. Jeff Turner

      Wow that's awesome !! Made me cry ! Congrats

    60. Timmy Gable

      Thats amazing brother i wish you guys the best...

    61. Chaz Nasty

      So awesome Cleetus and Madi. Congrats!

    62. dmagin777

      Hell yeah prenup

    63. YaBoy Cilantro

      HELL YEAH BROTHER!!! Cograts Cleeter 🤌🤌

    64. Jas Nonya

      How special! Even to a really old guy, touching

    65. carl blasi

      @cleetusmcfarland. I’m trying to buy the shirt you and Maddie have on but. Can’t find it on the website where’s do I get it?

    66. 3 pedal Racing

      Congrats big man ! You two are super cute

    67. Todd Terry

      As I watch this I see 147K likes and 631 dislikes! WTF? How can you dislike a proposal? Unless these are Cleetus' exes!

    68. BajaBill

      Congrats Cleet! Happy for you man!

    69. natekrez


    70. Grizzly TV

      hell yea brother

    71. Matty Mo


    72. Nate

      Congratulations to y’all!

    73. Ben Dover

      Congratulations on getting engaged with your sister! Happy Alabama!

    74. cameron simison

      feels like just yesterday you introduced her to the channel. Congrats Cleet!

    75. Ryland McGough


    76. Big88Country

      CONGRATS BROTHER & SISTER!! A little eye exhaust going on here! You guys are gonna be great team mates for life!

    77. David Walker

      Good job and thanks for sharing it with us Cleetus. Good luck guys and congratulations.

    78. Bluegrass IRacing

      That’s awesome! I could feel the passion and love the two of you share for each other!

    79. Jeffrey Crouch

      Congratulations put a little tear in my eye

    80. Know it alls


    81. Dean P. Tolentino


    82. Clive Williams


    83. Vylene Boyd

      My boiiii Cleetus

    84. Nitrous9976

      It's a trap!!!

    85. Rob G


    86. Kyle Buckley

      Where men cry

    87. T wagner

      You better take a princess like that, I know several chicks didn't make it being the busy man that you are. I wish many more Madi's and Cleetuses. Two of the Chicks I proposed to failed so don't think this has to be the one. I got married @ 33.

    88. James Cook Jr.

      Congratulations Cleetus and Maddie that’s so awesome 😊🎊👏🏾👍🤙🏽

    89. Dashcam Divas

      Where are those dammed onion cutting ninjas... concrats sir that was awesome

    90. Connor Soma

      THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTEEEEE :) happy for you guys!

    91. Ohiocountryboy 2007

      You two were meant for each other. Congrats do it for Dale.

    92. Vincent Spratling

      Awesome Cleetus. All the best from Lancaster, England

    93. Blue Thunder

      My bald eagle watchers are leaking.

    94. elite gamer

      Congrats 🎉🍾🎊

    95. dgulbra

      I am so happy for you two. You guys were meant to be. She is a keeper for sure.

    96. MN_Monsters

      Hell Yeah Brother! Congratulations you guys!!!🎉🎉🎉

    97. Brenden Farence

      8:22 that picture is legendary god bless y’all

    98. Ghaith Alkiyumi


    99. Jimmy Jones

      Congrats and best wishes.