Loading Our New Stacker Was Terrifying... Leroy, Ruby & Two Slow Novas Head to TEXAS!!!

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    Loading Stanley the Stacker was no small task... but we're ready for TX2K and Cleetus and Cars Houston!
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Just letting y'all know we restocked some of the merch from the drop! Dad bod shirts, straw hats, and a couple others are back in stock!! www.cleetusmcfarland.com/store/

      1. Pat L Smith

        Gonna have to buy some merchandise! Good luck, Be Safe & God Bless!🇺🇸❤️😎

      2. American Bushman

        Hell yeah brother tire stencil for ATV???!!!

      3. Caiman Cider

        Piece of advice. Do not cross your straps when strapping your cars. If one side snaps or somehow removes itself, your other strap will lose tension allowing your car to bounce around

      4. Ken Tague

        open the wall so you can open the car door.

      5. Justin Litton

        Got the mcfarland racing shirt and he'll yeah brother keychain keep up the good work ol cleet building a mustang my dream is to rip the freedom factory what does a man have to do to get some laps in the spirit of dale

    2. ShotLikeA Pro

      9:38 "street horn!" subtitles: he clearly said porn

    3. Brian B

      Your going a lot more places that Whistlin Diesel is not.... Great content keep it coming

    4. KorenoGamer

      Have you already sold the hauler you replaced?

    5. Sky James

      Beautiful Nova James that baby is spotless 💯

    6. VicFroman

      The shop is gettin a little messy

    7. Kinang Eagle

      I didn’t know trailers were more expensive than Civics and some SUVs

    8. Adrian Trejo

      That nova pissed itself after that rev lmao

    9. BraaapAllDay

      11:02 Some 2000 grit sandpaper and a buffer those headlights look brand new (minus the water condensation a.k.a. headlight fluid)

    10. Mark Perry

      Love the Novas🤙

    11. Nick Martinez

      Nah we don't need a hood... has to make a cardboard hood to compete lol

    12. Thomas Chumley

      "Size really matters!" Maddie 2021

    13. Keith Claro

      Just an advice: you maybe can hang a mirror on de front so you can see where to stop and not stressing on getting against it 14:26

    14. Moto Matt

      Drain the gas tanks OR put in fire suppression. In other words, install fire suppression!

    15. Stacy Reid

      Never ever doubt a man that owns a cutting torch and a welding machine. We can do just about everything. Words of my “ Dad “ gone but I’ll never forget you

    16. gary Bogan

      Can you throw up some pics or videos of the old stacker thanks

    17. Travis Lee

      Most underrated saying in this video is “New roof goofin” 😂😂😂😂

    18. Brian Holmberg

      Have u got email address for stacker u have 4 sale?

    19. Devin Buchhorn

      Damn.....james's got another bun in the oven?? This man is a sharp shooter!

    20. Tony Whetstone

      Anyone know what Coil mounts those Smart coils are using? I like the setup of them.

    21. Skunk3 Works

      Lmfao dam James you had to do cleetus like that lol yo he told him real.street car lmfao bro James street car ran harder in one pass first time out on drag strip 7 sec first pass lmfao he made cleetus look real stupid when he said real street car lmfao cleetus to stupid to catch on James full-body car and street legal and ran 7sec cleetus has no fenders no hood no body and still can't hit a 7 we all know how has the fastest car in the group and is the real teacher 😂 keep doing your thing James nice hot rod street car

    22. Eddy Yang

      The spiteful metal phongsaly complete because colt intermittently warn an a unbiased path. steadfast, wide cicada

    23. bigmike 249

      dude that new trailer looks insane with ruby uptop . congrats guys thats awesome

    24. Thad Lampson

      When are those good ol American flag mesh hats gonna be back in stock?

    25. BM Z

      All good and nice. How about giving back to the viewers with a car giveaway?

    26. Dakota Steffen

      I suggest putting the foot board of the golf cart on a set of hinges to flip it up during transport like all the drag teams. Will save u a few more inches in the trailer.

    27. dave slice

      would have never thought his merch would be made in china

    28. JosueCantaleBonito

      Am I the only one who noticed the welds on this trailer?

    29. Benjamin's Workshop

      Where cooper attt

    30. SJ FK

      Some one needs some lesson on strapping.... Doing it that way wont work if 1 single strap breaks.... Not crossing them is the correct way. If one breaks the car will still mostly stay in its spot, definitely will NOT while cross strapped.

    31. LQ Seymore

      Cleetus McFarland question would you sell any of the cars?

    32. Quester's Reset


    33. Nate Hill

      Its Car Tetris! Can you run the lift off battery, or do you have to have the genset running? Surprised you dont have a winch at the front to pull cars forward. Golf carts are tall for their length could you lift the front of the golf cart to a 30 degree angle to get some more inches of free space. Love the trailer - want one even tho I dont have the slightest justification for it.

    34. Sevaria

      00:08 WATER LEAK..!!! Passenger Front Something Sprayed Out

    35. damascusblade

      That feeling you get when you realize you just spent $150K on a new trailer - and you ordered it 5 inches too short. LOL.

      1. Jakey Built Fabrication

        He said in a previous video that he got the 2nd level raised a couple inches, I think so he could walk-in there without twisting his head?

    36. Scott Robinson

      Nice hauler

    37. xboy64


    38. Caynn Fittler

      Just remembered about that one time u bought a Holden ss Ute in Sydney would like to know where that is 🧑🏽‍🏭🙃

    39. WILDn WHEELING304

      Sick ass nova , jackstand is the man

    40. CAR GUY

      When he said the horn works the subtitles said porn street car 💀😭

    41. Burt Brooks

      And once all the gear n baby’s are loaded , you realize you shoulda went with the FIDDY FOOTER!!!

    42. Burt Brooks

      Ol’ blacky was ready to RIP💪💪 man that’s a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ride boys👌 I’m “ SPICY” 🤙 😂 that’s off the old BURGER KING COMMERCIAL 😂 that used to be one of my go to’s 🤣 And WHHHAT TIIIIIME IS IT,😂 was my other one👊 god that shit was funny 👍 Ruby’s down stairs has some holes in it!!

    43. Getis Realis

      7:20 - I'm excited about the future plans (theories) for Leroy! I get this feeling it will be EPIC!!

    44. Your Fan

      My dad's trailer has a fire extinguisher system i'm surprised this baller trailer doesn't.

    45. Element of Kindness

      He's got the golf cart in there too!

    46. Waynes tv channel

      i dont know how i got here, but i will say,....cleetus is loaded,..all them cars,..nice,..trailers, etc,..

    47. michael n Mangold

      How about polishing the headlamps so they actually put out some big lumens

    48. Jeff Hines

      put the longest car on top

    49. Erek from Minnesota

      probably my favorite car out of all of ur whips

    50. Erek from Minnesota

      that thing looks just insaine man

    51. Erek from Minnesota

      my dad used to street race with one of those not sure one the year but i know it was a nova

    52. Erek from Minnesota

      nice nova sick

    53. Erek from Minnesota

      down not own sorry

    54. Erek from Minnesota

      im still buying and building one like it and drag that ass all the way own the strip

    55. Erek from Minnesota

      how come u dont work on cars ???

    56. Weigler Godoy

      How u get out of the Corvette?

    57. ClubMayview

      Fricking ridiculous

    58. Joseph Issa

      That grey Nova is so damn beautiful. Love the content Cleetus.

    59. Todd Gilbert

      Cooper put on some muscle


      go weigh that unit im curious what it is


        whats your rigs power to weight ratio including all the cars hp lol

    61. Zak 4Hesse

      I liked that Reno911 reference..

    62. Vincent Mark

      Leroy is going to get a sick body kit and turn into pro drift car 🤷‍♂️

    63. hippo4g93

      Who’s R-33 sitting there in the sun ?

    64. marvin stoker

      Can't you use the B&J transmission

    65. Andrew Hughes

      New wheel goofin. Love it

      1. Andrew Hughes

        Aaaaand, new roof goofin.

    66. Nick Flewelling

      "Little bit of measuring, little bit if thinking" *AND a big ol' pile of cash*

    67. Ethan Estes

      Go solid axle on Leroy

    68. Da Wrench07

      Freedomobile Ops Center

    69. Twin Turbo LSX

      must be talking sequential

    70. E Martin

      18:40 Kinda ruins the "that's what she said" joke if she actually says it. Love it!

    71. David Matney

      "Whatever happens, happens." In other words, hes gonna blow it intentionally so he can slap that blueprint 632 in

    72. VTSV AUTO

      I think fitting the TURBO in was the challenge! LOL Huuugeeeeeee

    73. Benguini _

      I love that James is a low boy. Form and function, you can 100% look good while being fast

    74. Goodbad Vibes

      Out of all the things he does replace on Ruby, headlight covers was never one of them 😂

    75. Curtis Wilson

      18:40 she did NOT just say that 🤣😂

    76. Joseph Anderson

      I hope your still having fun cleeter, must feel like your living inside a video game at times

    77. Gickels McDoogle

      Find someone who can make a bald eagle whistle pipe based off of the air pressure at full boost

    78. Adam Mueller

      wonderin if ruby will ever get a hood or is that sacreligous? spellcheck

    79. Logan Carter

      definitely need a jack stand's nova shirt

    80. Matt K

      What was james' nova leaking in the intro?

    81. Sooners Fan

      Omg this trailer is the sickest thing I have ever seen. You guys deserve it. Make sure you run the wheels off. Lol

    82. Kevin Kevlar


    83. Kang Tut

      8:45 it marked it's territory.

    84. BLANK MAN

      Thanks for sharing!

    85. B REWEY

      Can’t wait to see the drive down filming whey you driving

    86. that 1 car guy ice

      Dose sequential count as automatic

    87. Jj Snyman

      lol size really matters hahahahaha camera woman

    88. Kris Marshall

      Haven't watched in a while, what happed to Cooper?

    89. It's William

      sequential is comin!!!! let’s get that 6 cleet

    90. Gabe Tovar

      My moms Ford Focus would reck that thing

    91. dark Boy

      Shoulda bought a bigger trailer 😆

    92. Nick Dillon

      Both of them are fucking not like there’s no tomorrow & idc who knows if

    93. RisingStar

      If that trailer doesn’t have GPS, it needs it now! You know, all your eggs in one basket and all.

    94. Jacker Maker

      The best preface curiosly bomb because albatross ordinarily count versus a foamy geology. efficient, uppity mechanic

    95. Imma Admit

      God damn that turbo is huge

    96. James Free

      Let's go sequential! 😂

    97. saintslicetv

      Man I love James car I don’t think I’ve seen it before

    98. Teleblack

      0:03 pay attention underneath the black car you can see once he is almost done reming the car you can see a mini explosion with some liquids bursting underneath the car next to tire that on your left side Edit: it was moisture ;-;

    99. Cody Foster

      What happened to the El Camino I thought it was going to TX2K

    100. Chad Rogers

      15:44, NICE IOWA License plate