Our First Freedom Factory Drift Night was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! + Blew Up Rocket Again...

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    This was our first Freedom Factory Drift Night and it was INCREDIBLE!!! Next one should be even better!!!
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      My only regret from this night is that we were so freakin busy and short handed on the track side we didn't get shots of everyone driving. Mainly just my cars because I was hollering at someone to pickup a camera for a short bit. Next time we will have a dedicated film team! Also, shout out to Parker for pulling an all nighter with me to give Rocket a shot even though it didn't work out. It was a freaking awesome weekend regardless!

      1. Some Simple Gaming

        You remind me of Judge Reinhold who played Brad Hamilton in Fast Times at Richmond High. Has anyone ever told you that?

      2. Posi P

        how cool to see your dream in living color. Much love 💖

      3. DiManFPV

        You need to get some drones out there to chase them I'd be happy to come and I'm sure I can bring a bunch of friends if you want us there.

      4. Gw Builder

        Awesome job fellas!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Great to see live action at the Factory! HELL YAH BROTHER!!!!!!

      5. John DoMoe

        I'll join your film team cleetus. It'd be an honor.

    2. Ryan Martinez

      You mean plugging the MAF in helps? 7:10 lol 6:20

    3. Annemarie Kelley

      Wow! Track looks great! So psyched Y'all saved Desoto Speedway🌞🚘🏁🇺🇸FreedomFactory🇺🇸🏁

    4. LiveLikeYouFly

      Hey cletus. I've followed your videos and watched and enjoyed your builds on drag week. I am so happy for all you guys and the freedom factory accomplishments. Congratulations fellas. You have certainly put in the hours. Hats off. Big love. Big respect. Can't wait to make it out for an event.

    5. Obnoxious Gamer

      JH was feelin it at the beginning lol

    6. The Professional

      Almost paid just to support, but i can't watch from work and i'm at work 7pm to 7am. Glad it was a success!

    7. EmpireJerky

      How dare you experience growing pains. 🤪 your a stand up guy. Much love to you and Maddie on your next step with her. When you two kiss at your wedding we need a 2 step going off and some bald eagles flying overhead! Just sayin.

    8. RobG TV

      If you want more lit burnout vids, my channel is the spot for u

    9. Conlon McCormack

      Cleetus I think your my real dad.

    10. Greg Insley

      How come there's so many crown vics?

    11. MMORPG87

      from hey look turbo whistles in my vett to first drift event... Cleet u have come a LONG LONG way.. so happy for you brother

    12. bill collins

      Good job kid YEEYEE

    13. Eric Kona Peper

      I’m so happy for you Brother you are smiling for real! You have made such a wonderful wonderful thing here God Bless you Brother and your Crue! 😏❤️🖖🏼🇺🇸

    14. Bobby Elliott

      I have to see this place I’m so impressed

    15. Bobby Elliott

      Outstanding Living the American dream

    16. Joshua Sanchez

      The tacky scorpio conversely mess up because tub collaterally whistle mid a relieved kamikaze. profuse, adhesive comic

    17. fghfg

      *eurobeat intensifies*

    18. blazin_bouch 420

      Maaaan ed is watching over that car something fierce from car heaven i tell you what... The Tuning giraffe just gives'er ALL hes got ALL the time and it just loves it

    19. Joseph Mundy

      This pumps me up SO much

    20. Aron Whitton

      Hearing the crowd cheer like that for the first time gave me chills.

    21. Marius F

      It didnt start because they forgot the maf sensor 👏😂

    22. Unknown LC4

      im so happy that the whole Freedom Factory seems to go so well. Here in germany something like that would be impossible. Every Video i´ve seen of guys that were on any event there seems excited and happy. Damn when the whole covid thing is over i think i need to start planning a trip ;)

    23. Laura Brown

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    24. Kenert Kallikorm

      I am soglad u got thatlife out there. Such an amazing event

    25. Project Harmony - Bus Life Oz

      Hey Cleetus shod do a drift handbrake into witches hat parking space with all of his cars including leroy ro at least as an event at the FF

    26. Bill Deacon

      Being new to your channel, first off Siiiiiiiiicccccccckkkkkkkk as all hell. Next are you having any stock car racing, or is this a drifting only track ???

    27. Mario Garcia

      I tell you what.

    28. Mike Schwindt

      Monster Teeth 🦷

    29. Isayahjf

      Should build a semi rig for burnouts and stuff lol

    30. Mjr Burn

      Congrats on an awesome night, living the dream young man you're kickin tires and lighten fires !!!

    31. SteveO

      Blew up rocket again, a tough break situation? No that makes a dozen roses look like a booger.

    32. Kandres027

      You’re making history

    33. collect0r

      if you need an entertaining driver give me a job :) with green card pls lol

    34. Taren Davis

      Love seeing that big body Vic getting down

    35. truffle shuffle

      This shit is epic brother, america! fuck yeah!

    36. DiManFPV

      You need to get some drone pilots out there. I'd be happy to come

    37. Kio Schraffenberger

      Looks like so much fun.

    38. redfox435cat

      he rebuilt it, they came.

    39. motoxbrendan


    40. Mike Holmes

      whoever painted that room is top notch

    41. ChainZ

      Dont hate me, but the videos got so much more funny with coop being away and nate being in them often. Learned to like the current "setup"

    42. evan griffith

      The synonymous step-grandfather topically start because slope additionaly plug minus a minor journey. upset, cheerful diamond

    43. Robert Stephens

      cleetus i would like to see another ford build

    44. Cory John

      Why does he have so many crown vics?

    45. jcnpresser

      Dude, your gonna need more bleachers!

    46. jcnpresser

      Well neighbor is taking a beating tonight, lol. Good way to look at it.

    47. Shwifty09

      I've seen that Camaro on the highway before

    48. Mike Kuczynski

      Keep on drifting

    49. Jakob K.

      Throwing an event like this with spectators during a global pandemic is batshit insane. There was zero social distancing between the spectators and people will have spread covid there. I know I sound like a buzzkill, but someone has to say it and be the voice of reason.


      Someone Ruined florida man's Grass i think i know who-

    51. Brazed

      History in the making

    52. Ivan 23 Caravantes

      Put a sign that says no hoovies or JRGo's

    53. Roger Hager

      "I'm gonnna check my watch 'checks wrist w/ no watch' it's 3 am" lmao

    54. Sreyash Dasari

      Y’all ever heard of COVID or a mask?

    55. Darryl Teichroeb

      Sorry. I want to know though where on the planet at this point is a huge bleacher of maskless people safe to congregate these days. I'm sorry to be a 'party pooper' and a downer, but come on really how is this okay?

    56. Anthony Morello

      Hell yeah brother!!!!!!!!

    57. John Legg

      Is project prime going to be making a video of this night as well?

    58. Eshetu

      The aware butcher demographically use because country accidentally interrupt except a wholesale zone. astonishing, irritating flower

    59. Dell Martens

      12 people from goodyear tires liked this video!

    60. Dell Martens

      Do you like how much you pollute the air with your stupid car games? Hahaha just jokin. That was awesome

    61. Mike DoubleOhDoubleU

      Congrats guys. Long time in the making.

    62. CTP 1111


    63. craig priddle

      only a million share share

    64. lowercase


    65. Flo van Hapert

      I love what you're doing but that's a big no-go in covid times lmao

    66. Jade M

      The event looked so fun & all the drivers absolutely killed it

    67. Southern Born Senders

      Cleetus doesn’t realize this, but he's making everyones day better.

    68. The Great Freight Sage Logic

      nice bro

    69. Deksam101

      Thankfully you are in a republican state, The kind of state that is not afraid to be alive! No more effing lock downs or masks!!!!

      1. Deksam101

        @Jakob K. You would be dead wrong! I have never or will never fear life, just because there is a chance I could die... That has ALWAYS been there! [since the beginning of mankind] Sure, It sucked a bit when I had it, but I blamed no one! Now I am super human! Also the odds of dying were soooooo freaking remote [unless you are old... Why it sucks to get old, as you have a destiny to die, most have ALWAYS died of any sickness] So you are young, why waste your time worrying about it? Drifting cars is at least 100x more dangerous, but we do it anyways. Know why? Because ALL of life is a risk!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget what it is to be human. Oh and one more thing... Don't be a pussy just because the media says to be one! Think for yourself. Good day to you sir!

      2. Jakob K.

        Pretty sure you will have a different opinion once you are actually in the hospital dying of covid. But what do I know it just that Florida is a literal dumpster fire when it come to number of deaths there.

    70. Cutcowboy

      Pure genuine joy in your trade. I love it.

    71. Paul Pz

      Never will a single human being live the American dream more than Cleetus..when you've garnered as much success as he has and yet I still cannot manage to be jealous or spiteful of you that's really something to remark about..God bless you, I hope to make it to an event one day and be a part of this great chapter in American motorsports history..I might notve been alive during the glory days of evil knievel but by god I was alive and well in the hay day of Cleetus m'fk'n McFarland

    72. zkljaja

      Amazing. You guys wanted to do some stuff, bought a track, and made it happen. Also, that blue bimmer had sick entry speed

    73. Tee Shark

      Damn the race track/drag strip has come a long way in just a few years. It's amazing how much work you guys have done to reach your dreams. Congrats I think you guys can pop a beer and look back on a job well done!

    74. J.A.R. Family

      Gotta love Taylor. such a good guy.

    75. Travis Ritenour

      13b swop the Nissan

    76. dakota Wright

      Hammered J.H. .....Hilarious

    77. RhedinRage

      Guy in America: Works hard with cars, earns race track, puts on best shows Guy in Britain: Works hard with car, loses car to Taxes, Career dead ends. America, Stay Free, no matter what happens, you can't let the clowns win.

    78. Crypto Info

      No tires spared. Hell yeah!

    79. Stryker FPV

      Had a blast at the event!

    80. Cillian Delaney

      Thats like the west coast arena in x car drift

    81. Quinn Haak

      This is awesome I remember he first video he made after he bought the abandoned track. hell yeah brother

    82. Al Hill

      When are you bringing back the regular racing series

    83. Ronnie Stella

      The lush hacksaw curiously tire because laborer chiefly support without a melodic fiction. quiet, truthful chin

    84. Eric W

      I'd love to see that golfcart/atv thing you ride in turned into a *drift-A-billy* so you can haul-ass around on it! srsly!!

    85. Christain Lawrence

      The Cleveland police Dept. needs like 25 of those crown vics! Outstanding!

    86. KILL JOY

      Dale was smiling down with an eagle on his arm. Amazing.

    87. STA

      Living the dream! Congrats!

    88. YoDood215

      anyone need freedom 500 tickets?

    89. Shawn Olin

      Jackstand jimmy: you Get your rods lined up flat to flat and bevel to bevel?? Cleetus: “hard to say” 😂😂😂 man that’s good stuff

    90. Daniel Brendemuehl

      @itsjusta6 just called you out in his recent video on addressing the EPA

    91. JarrettHughes5

      Friday night drift night and Saturday night circle track, get some of the local cars out there, pure stocks, sportsman’s, 4 bangers... ect...

    92. ItbeClue


    93. Michael Hastie

      Cleetus !! You are single handedly keeping a number of Parts manufacturers in the Black. So, as a ficticious representative of the US department of Commerce, I award you a Certificate of Merit for keeping the dream alive ! Well Done Brother !

    94. Sarah Landis


    95. Dangelo Delgado

      Jh is literally the best hypeman

    96. Patrick McClure

      Well done Cleet and Jack Stand, you need to remember that you can’t do everything, you should be proud of all the work you have all put in to get to this moment, cheers

    97. PROcrastiDRIVE SV

      I've been a fan of this channel for a very long time and I've followed the whole story of the Freedom Factory. This is in my opinion the coolest event you guys have hosted! You guys are an inspiration!! Such good vibes, what you guys are doing is awesome. Peace and love from Australia!

    98. Khemore

      Fast and the Furious Cleetus :D :D :D

    99. David Windsor

      Why did Maddy's Jeep get sold. It looks ok

    100. webfoot80

      Was that the stig with cleet?