Outfitting Stanley the Stacker With The Absolute Necessities... Texas Bound in Two Days!!!

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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      All of our FIRE new freedom merch is available here: www.cleetusmcfarland.com/store/ Straw hats are going to go FAST, but we've got a ton available!

      1. Jessie Skelton

        www.cleetusmcfarland.com/product/nitrous-bottles-and-wide-open-throttles/ NEED THIS ONE BADLY BROTHER!!!!!

      2. FrequencyOfThought

        12:32 .. Have more of the angelic children. The world needs us

      3. _danny_ SVT

        Probably to much to ask but what kind of plane where u fly it looked so easy to Fly really want one 👌🤟🏽

      4. Mike Dowell

        What about us bigger sized fans 4x 5x

      5. Allan Dauch

        Hey were u on i75 this evening? I saw your exact setup with ff1 and Stanley. But I only saw for a second as I was eating at a restaurant. Plsss reply

    2. CadillacBlunt

      Ordered these the day it came out still no hat or shirt shipping is slow as molasses

    3. Kinang Eagle

      Dad’s: put some duck tape onit Cleetus: put a zip tie onit

    4. Ryan Slut

      What do the doors or panels do on the rear lift assembly?

    5. skyline51491

      I wish they made shirts for big guys, id drop like a few hundo on merch, love you guys

    6. Parker Webb

      Landing the airplane "Nice" inhale chest up "thanks babe"

    7. Jeff B

      All that money and rig and you cant win shit. Still a weak ass driver.

    8. Bad Gas Video

      What the frick? McFarland SnapBack hat already sold out?

    9. Stacy Reid

      Careful Cletus, Maddie looks mighty happy holding the baby, but most non moms do till the second one comes around.

    10. HPSFRoadrunner

      How to get me to watch? Put Holly in the thumbnail!

    11. Aaron Haley

      I want the rc airplane

    12. BillThePigEfant

      The zip ties 💀💀

    13. Colton Ellis

      “I see you bought a ole’ police dog.” The hero response. “You can invest in many types of eagles”

    14. Jeremiah Mel

      I think every time you drop new merchandise, you should always use nitrous. Hehe

    15. Bulldog# 12

      My dog sits the same way in the truck and motorhome we have

    16. Troy Thompson

      Careful there Cleetus, your lady was looking far too comfortable holding a little one lol.

    17. Matt Wenz

      And holly was peeing before takeoff

    18. Steve Sloan

      30 seconds in and I’m laughing🤜🏼🤛🏼😂😎🍀 Don’t get sued by Castrol for that shirt😐

    19. Geoffrey Gay

      I saw the nitrous in that kids eyes

    20. *E*T*

      James is Demolitia....

    21. Weigler Godoy

      Man, your channel is só amazing! Probable is the better channel that I found in 2021.

    22. RippinHondas

      Cooper: “ it won’t like click into the loosening. So I always have to keep tightening until it gets loose”. 😂😂😂

    23. Colin Darchuk

      Cleetus looks like my dad

    24. E Clifton

      Please make mention of the SEMA link for folks to sign the petition for the latest EPA regulations that would make any modifications illegal on a federal level.

    25. Kenny Nguyen

      Special tools, Zipties. Check

    26. PsychobabbleRapp

      JH had to be trippin when he found out Cletus was his neighbor

    27. Probably Not

      Really wanted that giraffe shirt, but it sold out quick!

    28. Royce Zeiler

      Anyone else see the irony of going to Harbor Freight for jack stands so James doesn’t die from just using a jack? Lmao

    29. Justin Kohn

      The giraffe t shirt logo looks like the old Sinclair gas station logo

    30. Robert Riddle

      Make a shirt with the new car hauler with four cars in it nice trailer

    31. Ryan Rydzik

      This is the best video ever. So many dogs.

    32. Erik Renner

      Cooper is still there. I haven't seen him in awhile. I was wondering where he was. I did find his channel and subscribed.

    33. Beau Steward

      Yall are all vaccinated, right? If not, then where the fuck are your masks?

    34. Tonald Drump

      I was hoping maddie was going to choose Cleetus as the one tool she could pick

    35. Brian P

      It needs a pocket on it & give them away $ bags.

    36. Bubba Kushington

      Thanks babe

    37. Brandon Urick

      Anytime I'm in Florida I'd more then happily cut your lawn and the freedom factory it's a dream of mine no joke I actually drove 2hrs outa my way to take pictures on the road by the helmet on my trip home to Michigan

    38. Jason Swift

      A Jack is not a jack stand, a racing jack lifts up the vehicle and jack stands (normally using 4) fit up the vehicle to hold it and you remove the jack after that.

    39. JP Vlogs

      You should do James Chevy nova as a tee shirt and maybe for the memes do a shirt with ruby saying nova killa

    40. Enforcer _357

      Need more fitted hats Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssssse

    41. KingKai Onthegram

      I notice these guys dont use mask what part of the US is this?


      I wanna know that that airplane is

    43. Chris Ferraro

      The giraffe needs a mullet

    44. Mjr Burn

      Anyone else catch the start of a smile on Mini Jackstands face when his daddy said, "Ready to go racing"? Damned fine content as always Cleet wholesome, down to earth and just fun...

    45. Random BS

      Airplane link?

    46. firepenguinT V

      A mini fridge with some dews would be perfectt

    47. Robert Stephens

      cleetus i would like to see another ford build

    48. Goodballa

      You gotta have Coop come along. You'll need some beep boop beep. F yeah.I know you didn't even know you needed that. #BeepBoopBeep

    49. Ydoc

      Aww all the goldens! My pic, can see I love em too!

    50. Earl Alford

      Why are you shopping at harbor freight

    51. Ryan Underhill

      I have a bad rc habit. Rc no prep, monster trucks. No planes yet but my son got a beginner plane for his 9th birthday. So we probably got the bug.

    52. Ida hoe

      how tall is cleeter?

    53. Benjamin Wallace

      Cleet, WHEN ARE YA GONNA GO 4K??

    54. Mario

      Night flight! Love r/c as well as racing. Seems to go hand-in-hand

    55. Patrick Walsh

      Got one of the og straw hats but its busted on top now

    56. kajakmannen

      Love the videos :) nice stacker and cant wait for all fun you will have with it :D hat of from another RC modeller :D

    57. Jad3d

      4:44 the plane in the background syncing with the RC plane lol

    58. cableandchain !!!!!

      nice shirts logo on back i hate logo on front

    59. Cooper Corneliuz

      gotta have the demolitia shirt on

    60. Zachary Wilburn

      I've had Harbor Freight Jack's outlast snap on. You just got to keep it inside.

    61. driojal

      Dude where you got that RC plane? Looks fun and simple

    62. osumbuckeyenut

      Maddie is absolutely gorgeous and seems sweet as hell. Keep her around!

    63. Mason Rzepka

      This man is literally who I want to be😂

    64. Matte Edström

      @Cleetus McFarland Stop faking the t-shirt gun. The sound gets messed up for 10 seconds.

    65. Spencer O'Neil

      YA THE MAN CAN FLY🤘🤘finally some more action

    66. Chris Canterbury

      Lil jimmy

    67. HulluJanne

      1:05 A nice reminder of the GPU shortage of 21.

    68. T Nelson

      Are the hats you're wearing already sold out?

    69. kuebbisch

      Is you beard getting lighter, or did you just apply sunscreen?😎

    70. Tube4TTT

      Uh oh... Madi's face with that baby right there at the end.... Cleet you done messed up son... That face and smile and look will only mean one thing...

    71. Kyle dion

      That is one huge harbor freight

    72. Daniel Brown

      Nice to see Coop on the chanel.

    73. SirReginald96

      I'm convinced everyone in Florida owns a gator or golden retrieves

    74. Autumn Rodriguez

      the puppies made this the best video in the world

    75. Pat Cross

      If you get tired of this NLname gig... there's your next business... RC Dog Walkers..... Seriously I hurt myself laughing at that bit.

    76. Bronson Missouri

      Have they ever heard of a different breed of dog lol

    77. whoistyler

      Good to see Coop back in the channel

    78. Kyle Johnston

      Necessities..... Probably 1 million dollar rig. Right necessities.

    79. Travis Hartley

      LMFAO at ALL the nos Murch plugs 😂🤣

    80. Veikra

      How many dogs does one need !

    81. trm4life

      Damnit... new tshirt got me. FF21!! Ordered, no shame! See you in Indy!

    82. Travis Hartley


    83. Tyler Rambeau

      Cooper go home.

    84. Quinton Daniels

      Love the rC plan addition 🤘

    85. Mike Bonge


    86. mkgtmg

      What kind of rc plane is that?

    87. Raul Andrade

      No mask in public 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    88. James Derrick

      12:27 Maddie was about to say "I want one" then Cleetus said "brother" and her face shot down lol

    89. Vincenzo Rooker

      What kind of rc plane was that?

    90. joe leedy

      Dont let her hold the baby to long. Its contagious!

    91. Nypism

      Don't forget the blinker fluid!

    92. KCars

      Can’t wait for Texas!

    93. Andy Knelsen

      She was gonna answer, but then he said “bruthur”

    94. Winston Pratt

      Oh snap the Sinclair knock off is super dope

    95. Shaun McCoy

      Pro tip, harbor freight ratchets are garbage. Go on ebay and buy used pro tools like fap-off or the others. Your knuckle meat is worth the extra money.

    96. popsicle33

      1st one looks like Sinclair gas with the dinosaur

    97. Cameron

      Seeing maddie at the end with the baby is like seeing cleetus with racecars...she wants one 😳🤣 dad of 4 here and i know that look!

    98. Brian Rogers

      Good to see Coop again.

    99. Smokebuddie

      @Cleetus McFarland Can i order merch to send to Belgium? I had a hearttransplant in 2019 and i can use sunblock or a hat with a wide brim. I realy like the FF strawhat and your videos!!! XD Been following your story for a couple of years now! Keep up the good stuff!!!

    100. Fast Cars & Freedom

      Lol I just got back from the hospital from cutting my hand as well. Only I ran mine through my table saw almost loosing 3 fingers.