Prepping the Freedom Factory For Our First DRIFT NIGHT + Donnie Gets a Major Face Lift!!!

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    Heck yeah, donnie upgrade, hot asphalt, and a major wall patch! Good lil late night upload for you guys!
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    1. Jay B

      best drone driving i ever seen!

    2. Bill Deacon

      Ace piloting !!!!!

    3. Stephanie Sweeney

      The drone pilot is legit....

    4. Jaybruhh

      6:00 *_"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!? I have never financially recovered from my grass in fact."_* LOL gotta love the grass!

    5. Jaybruhh

      *_That drone work was an entire movie._* I COULD WATCH IT ALL DAY!

    6. Robert Stephens

      cleetus i would like to see another ford build

    7. Andres Flores

      Freakin fire man!! I can’t wait to see you tear it up in this one!!!

    8. Ben Renner

      You have no idea how much you saving the track means to a bunch of us local guys who literally grew up going to events there (and even driving the track a few times). Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see the races in person.

    9. Tom Selick

      Daaaaaaamn!!!!! Ok now I think Ruby should get wrapped

    10. 404 Droid

      Great fpv tour but I could rip that track in a freestyle at 90mph's brother

    11. J Scott

      this should literally get filming awards, this drone footage is the absolute best ive ever seen!

    12. Harteck44

      Cleetus girlfriend is a Gem!

    13. Lex Luthor

      Yo talk about what’s going on with the EPA! We need to get the RPM ACT signed into law!

    14. Jason Bryan

      Sick paint job bro!

    15. michael s. clark

      The drone skills man

    16. Steven Thompson

      Effin sick man

    17. Christofer Sears

      BRO - ya gotta get a better mic. get the media kit for the gopro. please. love seeing ya on the big screen and surround sound etc but it just sounds... well not the best. i know. very demanding viewer... lol. keep up the great work, I"M PROUD OF YOU BOY!

    18. Garrett Chappell

      I'm so glad that hole in the wall got filled. I was pretty worried that was just going to be like that from now on.

    19. Brady Gamble

      The place needs a giant American flag. On a tall ass poll

    20. Matthew Pickering

      Props to whoever is flying that drone!!

    21. Shane Yates

      When I seen you flying the drone that sparked an idea in my head I think it would be pretty epic is have a freedom factory drone race and around the track that would be cool

    22. Adam Lewis

      What's the music from the first part of the video? So good

    23. alx gu

      Loving watching you save and restore the place to a multipurpose venue for motorsport and FUN. Good job fellas 😁👍

    24. DybrnSoda

      great FF tour via drone!

    25. Robin Wendt

      I can't believe how fast you got it turned around... it's looking so nice and to everyone that donated time and equipment that's awesome! You're blessed to have such great friends 💛!

    26. solless

      This made me want a drone😂😂

    27. Chris PNW1

      What drone was that anyways?

    28. Chris PNW1

      Drone flight expert level that was cool!

    29. Bob Dayton

      That grass is looking fantastic!

    30. justin daley

      i need to know that opening beat i must have it in the playlist

    31. Cram Jimmy

      Let’s goooooo

    32. wootang1000

      Cleter hired the Dale Earnhardt of drone flying for this one

    33. overindulgent

      I 100% know Donnie's theme song!

    34. jon houghton

      nice cinewhoop action , googd to see that the FF is working out for you guy , HELL YEAH BRUVVA . love from the UK

    35. David B

      wow, that is some amazing drone piloting. totally unreal and it really makes the intro fantastic! And if anyone has something negative to say about the drone flying, I would suggest they try and do what you did and watch them fail spectacularly.

    36. Dj Eli Shane

      Beautiful video.Loved the track that was used too. Hope to see a lot more.

    37. omg Trey

      What drone are you runnin there?

    38. Landon

      Hey Cleetus your engines gonna blow when ya rip it around the track!

    39. Timothy Radi

      الحمد لله على السمع و الأبصار و الأفئدة. Alhamdulillah for sight, hearing and heart.

    40. josh r

      I was at ff it was awesome

    41. BlackTapeProductions

      holy shit that drone footage!!!

    42. Adam Garon

      #Dave_DDE for freedom 500 🥸🥸

    43. Ty Szakacs

      Cleeters girl got some cake 🎂

    44. Evil AMC

      I’m diggin the intro with the drone. I would ha e been so anxious about smacking one of the crown vics lol

    45. richp67

      12 hours later, Cleetus blows it up..... :)

    46. Blake tiley

      That wrap is sick!!!

    47. Oz Kittyboi

      That intro was pretty cool, and I completely forgot about the channel, but glad I got back in. I passed by the track a couple months ago (can't miss the big race helmet on the side of the road) and always wondered how the progress was going.

    48. Pink Freddy Productions

      How many takes was it to fly through the buildings?

    49. SirFrag32

      Yas to using FPV drones!!!

    50. Neebo

      Drone guy got the heat.

    51. Rhett Johnson

      Donnie needs a chassis wing.

    52. Raul Jr Contreras

      Holy molly ! Drone footage is insanely awesome ! Sooo smoooth ! Love it man ! More footage to the channel like this would be dope !

    53. driojal

      That intro just about made me cry from the excitement, love the FF. You guys have done so much in so little. Good job and Congratulations!

    54. tian herselman

      That was sick flying and Donnie looks fantastic!

    55. Profes

      Maddy has a dumptruck omg

    56. Nathan Payne

      Congratulations dude the freedom factory is looking sick and can't wait to see some events going on here. Awesome drone footage by the way

    57. kolo

      The drone intro was sick! Props to the pilot. I wanna be on that level someday.

    58. Probably Not

      Sweet drone footage! Nice work!

    59. Mccauley Hogan

      if only you new now you was gunna blow it up before drift night

    60. chrisisthedude1

      Dude, I could definitely see you having a pro drifting career... seeing Donnie’s wrap made it so much more legit!

    61. Russco Aus

      Hi bro nice stuff. ✌

    62. jimmy dan

      awesome drone skills

    63. John Hurst

      That drone footage was out of this world!

    64. the cheeky weta

      Woooooooooooooowww. That drone footage.

    65. The Upstairs Machine Shop

      Love the rear marker light bulbs just hanging giving some under glow.

    66. Ken Smith

      Who did the POV flight?

    67. Buck Carothers

      That wrap!!!! Dam let's go💨💨💨💥

    68. Clinton Guthrie

      Bro I lived in manatee county my entire life me and my dad would go to desoto speedway all the time I’m so glad to see it being put to a awesome cause!!!


      i drive wheres contracts

    70. Ken G

      That wrap is fire.... especially the deck lid.

    71. Sneaky V

      Was Donnie on fire right there at the end?

    72. TheBulitt

      Forza Horizon 4 share code 154 947 965

    73. KRP Performance

      I genuinely love seeing you succeed cleetus

    74. Bubba Jeeps

      Idc what you have to say show more of that Drone footage!!!

    75. Dee10

      that drone pilot... the skills ! color me impressed!!

    76. Jay Young

      Drifting...meh....I don't get the attraction....good looking car though.

    77. Global Media Inc.

      Your Locked & Loaded!!! Time To Rock & Roll, 'Ole Cleeter...

    78. Tyler Smith

      FIRE ME UP

    79. Pencir

      as cool as it was, the opening of the video really droned on for awhile, huh?

    80. Crown Vic Police Interceptor

      I found my self drifting on the on ramps to get onto the interstate. (Unintentional) Time to go buy new set GoodYear Eagle RS-A. My tires has seen some hard miles my driving habit I need new rears every year.

    81. Isaac Shapiro

      when is DONNNIE gonna get a procharger on him?

    82. Travis Whisman

      Events on fridays HELL YEA BROTHER... call every friday FREEDOM FRIDAY from now on Maybe you can even host a couple smaller events like car meets in the future

    83. rylie dean

      Did no one notice it’s on fire in the end? On the driver side under the fender?

    84. Si Raff

      I clicked this twice because I already watched the drone vid and thought it was mis-titled. Realised it was over 13 mins and watched the drone bit again anyway because its just so cool.

    85. K3NnY_G

      Even with where the take cuts were; that was some killer drone piloting.

    86. Curt Hook

      How much is the average wrap.. Just curious

    87. Demareo ProGamer

      Bruh the drone is so load Jesus my ears

    88. David Mathay

      Bounce stuff off the rev limiter long enough and bad things happen. Been there. Done that.

    89. Iam 5HADOW

      Put the wing that someone sent finally on donnie cleet!

    90. Tracey Pup

      Thank you Garrett, seriously thank you. I looked at that decaying track every time I drove past for years with fond memories and a faint hope that someday someone would come save the place. I watched races and demolition derbies there when I was a kid, I remember that track cleaning buggy. That track is amazing both as a location to visit but also is an amazing race track, it didn’t deserve to become a housing development. Thank you so much for saving the old Desoto speedway. I’m glad that you are sharing its transformation as you make The Freedom Factory into your playground, and I’m glad you are enjoying the place as much as I am that it will not only stick around for people to enjoy, but also glad that you are making our little short track into a world famous location.

    91. dchase20

      Which cam is in Donnie?

    92. Trevor Pride

      If you ever sell the freedom factory you should leave a cool ass car for the next buyer like you had with the karts and stuff

    93. 8alakai8

      cina whoop and freestyle quad nice flying of the pilot

    94. Dustin Thrasher

      That wrap looks amazing!!! Awesome to see how much a wrap can change the whole look of a vehicle

    95. Pieta Venter

      Daaahm son ......!!! Cleet hitting us with bomb drone shots

    96. justin culp

      Really needs some blue underglow now

    97. Kaitlin McLean

      9:07....i would agree. very nice

    98. auto brother nation


    99. Paul Lienhart

      Dude where is the red? You know the flag of the United States of America has red in it right? We get it your name is on the car yay but where is the red? It does not represent without red red red red!!!!!!!

    100. jay dish