Renovating an Abandoned Racetrack Part 10 - Completely Overhauling the Freedom Factory's Lighting...

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    This is going to be a BIG ONE! Whether we like it or not, the Freedom Factory needs this!
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    1. MrTingles

      there's a joke in here somewhere, about how many florida men it takes to change a lightbulb...

    2. Taylor Wright

      I wonder what Cleetus would do when the new LEDS flicker on camera. He’d change them all back to metal halide

    3. Baron Clime

      Late to the game but wood poles have a good life to them if you can keep the woodpeckers off. I'd go for what we used to call "blackjack" poles. Heavy heavy creosote impregnated that do good in wet or swampy ground. They keep bugs out for a long time and do have some give to them in the wind. After those i would say a CCA type pole if you can get them. They keep bugs out well but don't allow for as much bend in windy conditions. Your better looking poles seem to be CCA treated poles and are doing good. Early or mid 90's they were all the rage but after a few ice and snow storms around here they quit using them.

    4. Mulerider

      Mountain Dew needs to sponsor this racetrack!

    5. B E

      I'm an electrition you should have just converted those old fixtures to high output LEDs, very easy and very bright

    6. Ursika

      Are you going to do a break down of costs when FF is completely finished?

    7. Some Simple Gaming

      LED all day. Just take the hit and not ever having to worry about it.

    8. truetierra

      Go full LED replacement for the track lighting. Cheaper to run and the wiring is all busted anyway.

    9. Studiosoft Morecambe

      The standard test for wooden utility poles is to start at the bottom and hit it with a hammer every 6 inches. If it sounds 'spongy', it is rotten and dangerous.

    10. Jerry Foreman

      Use silicone spray in the sockets when replacing bulbs. I would fix old lighting and upgrade as you can afford.

    11. Rene Jensen

      as an electrician, i strongly recomend you to change ALL the wires from the fuse box to the light fixtures and tie them to the pole so they don't wear holes in them when the wind blows.

    12. Jarrod Maness

      Start a patron and do giveaways. You’ll get your money real fast

    13. EliteGeeks

      IMO I would get RAW steel Poles,,, get them painted, will last hundreds of years

    14. JT Naehring

      Hey Cleetus! I just have something in mind for you lighting system. You could stay with the metal halide but if you choose not to there are induction lights out there that last 100,000 hours and you could put those in with the leds as a way to know your alway going to have light because of there long life!

    15. Charles Fuller

      do it!

    16. Mike Hathaway

      As someone that has high school stadiums and lighting... Anything new, don't let them put any control boxes, fuses, etc.. on top. Only lights go up, everything is at ground level. The old sites we only need a boom lift for light bulbs, on the new LED stuff we need a boom lift every 20 to 30 years when the LED's give out.

    17. David Anderson

      I'm quite firm in paying for it once and having the quality. At the end of the day, it's your business and do what you have to. I would replace it all once you got the cash in.

    18. Asuna Yukito

      leavening old poles wouldn't be a great or even a good choice. the biggest risk comes when one of the poles comes down dearing an even and harms or even kills someone. the cost of one of your guest lives far out weighs any other cost. no to menschen the bad PR that would accompany something of that nature.

    19. Its Remmeeh

      17:50 nails on a chalkboard anyone??

    20. Rehab Ehab

      Yehaww Bau Bau!

    21. Evan McGee

      300,000 for that scope of a construction project is not bad.

    22. frank magee live long and be happy

      I say do led swap as in the Longrun it will be better for you in money wise

    23. Connor Soma

      tax right off for a business expense

    24. Connor Bates

      I’ll hit like to help you pay for them poles

    25. Kyle Alfred

      New poles New LED lights New wires Do it right and don't worry about it for 5/10+ years

    26. jay dish

      Please put on a sprint car race!!!

    27. Bruce Illest

      Hey Cleetus, I think if can hold off on spending the money on lights you should as long as you can. That money can be better spent on repaving the actual track and remodeling the bathrooms and enhancing the over all customer experience. It's better to invest your own money on things that will yield a higher return on your investment and make people want to return to your events.

    28. N Inc

      Luckily with 900k views this video has made at minimum $1800

    29. Brian Valafar

      The vagabond jelly cytochemically desert because community inexplicably glow beside a ubiquitous jennifer. yielding, caring cry

    30. Blubelle Farm

      even though your expecting your estimate not to change, I would budget 10% for unforeseen issues that could come up, also have your checked the age of your service, that would be the surprise your hoping doesn't happen.

    31. Tanner Ritchey

      No one “this is a nice pole” cleetus

    32. TheManNamedPaolo

      you could work out an advertisement deal with some of these contractors. you could advertise their business on the bank walls of the track

    33. Austin Washke

      Ditch the wood, ruin everything to have one fall during an event

    34. TWrecks09

      Gonna be tough to cover those bills if the RPM Act doesn't pass. Please do a video on it to educate your supporters to take action.

    35. Ypop Nun

      Have you looked into steel poles? Galvanised or powder coated. I do not know if they will stand up to the hurricane winds but I would think someone makes them to those specs and should be cheaper.

    36. TODD_FL

      Think of hurricanes and you'll get on it quick. Those concrete poles are a lifesaver during one. IMO go all the way. By the looks of it the electrical looks old on it all. So might as well go big or go home. Merch opportunity!

    37. David Stryhanyn

      Man if only you made a package on how to be successful bas a car guy

    38. Reg Grundy

      Employ an electrical contractor to get all the existing metal halide fittings working on existing poles for the moment. By the looks of it they will need to rewire from junction box (up the top of the pole) to each fitting as they look pretty UV deteriorated. Not a huge outlay in materials and labour until you have the coin to cover the cost of the new poles and LED installation. Hire a couple of lighting towers for turn 2 on the oval and more if needed for the figure 8 burnout pad. You might find fixing the existing lighting covers most of the burnout pad as is. You will notice a huge difference on the lux levels once all lights are working and also a big increase in your electricity bill as the start up current on those metal halide fittings is huge. Good luck.

    39. Sagan Worshipper

      "Can we put a blower on this thing?" Lol SUPERCHARGE ALL THE THINGS!

    40. Andy puu

      That led Hugh lol 😆

    41. Andy puu

      Let's or bulbs 💡?

    42. Hugh Stephenson

      Maybe just replace the broken poles with concrete and LED and just replace em as ya can afford it

    43. ThePoolman2007

      go with the led lights which would be brighter and better and cut down electrical costs and the concrete poles seem nice but they are overkill and there are other pole options out there like steel poles etc

    44. TheOystei

      Keeping the current setup running a bit longer for cheap, so you can save up the money to do it properly seems like a good idea. Seems like the poles should be replaced anyway.

    45. Carter Johnson

      Shoulda gotten LED. Way more efficient, and can burn 80,000+ hours

    46. Hansel P

      Mi loco tu vas a perder la cabeza en esa vaina y eso es poco. Tu nunca podrás cojer a una vieja y vestirla de novia.DTB

    47. Catmandoux

      Use this season to raise the funds. Do some upgrades in the off season. Patch up what you can, without breaking the bank to temporarily get light where you can.

    48. Fuel and Freedom

      Replace a couple poles at a time 🤷‍♂️

    49. Marty Vener

      Always use no-lox on light bulbs, stainless steel screws, bolts, anything you to be able to take apart, especially here in Fla. I'm a 40 year electrician in Fl, Boca Grande, s/w Fl. It helps so much. Especially hard to reach places. Never hurts to try. Its like never seize. Electrical supply, marinas, auto repair, etc. Every time you go to do anything, it will come apart n go back, just re-coat like you did before. Pre-emptive maintenance. YAH BROTHER !!!

    50. Burt Macklin

      NLname commenters aka OHSAA members.

    51. Gary Reichenbach Jr

      What dipshit put the fuses at the top

    52. Gary Reichenbach Jr

      Yea just do a run of shirts to fund the "infield lighting" @FF ..... don't sell the "Mullet Mover"

    53. Cody Smith

      Need to make a shirt that says fire me up and has a picture of the freedom factory. It'll sell and you'll have the money for the whole project.

    54. StarRobin

      Yes It’s a investment for the future.

    55. StarRobin

      Just make a “let there be light” shirt and let everyone buy it.

    56. Michael Hjärpe

      I love the video, love to be a part of everything you guys do! Godspeed

    57. Lex Luthor

      Yo talk about what’s going on with the EPA! We need to get the RPM ACT signed into law!

    58. Sean Benson

      Buy the poles then save ten buy the other lights then save the pre-wire then save then install. IT’S A PLAN!

    59. Andrew Garner

      Ol Cleeter, what would be super cool is if you had your new lighting arranged in the form of FF on the top of each pole like the 'e' at Edgebaston Cricket Club. Huge beaming FF's in the night sky at your events would be awesome!!! Promoting the brand and all that.

    60. bazzle592

      Personally I would rock the old HID bulbs with new poles. HIDs are petty power efficient in the grand scheme of things and produce great quality light. Plus, like you said, they're cheap to maintain.

    61. michael s. clark

      No one mentioned how cleetus had to drive onto his grass🤣

    62. Joe Gioia

      I'd say it's probably worth the labor cost to use whatever materials that match the existing stuff and fix the wiring as a short term solution, and it'll give you more time to plan/prep for replacing it

    63. Joe Roganowski

      Skip the lights an track during the day . Problem solved

    64. Sean!

      Cleetus, Lots of respect for the way you are running this! Keep emotion out of the money, run it lke a business, make it sustainable! Im curious what your education is? You are the example that other channels should look up to, and anyone that is starting their own business!

    65. Zachary Radford

      You currently own an answer for the problem. Start doing some events to bring in an income for the track. You start selling things to pay for things needed or the track then you going to end up down the rabbit hole so many past track owners have went down.

    66. Michael Cox

      For those of you with above-ground telephone/power lines...when was the last time your local power company had to replace one of your wooden poles? Creosote-impregnated poles last a bloody long time. 50 years+, I'll bet. At a fraction of the cost of these concrete poles. Might be something to look into.

    67. FreedoMoto

      Wait until you have the cash up front

    68. Chris Maggard

      New wood poles with the new light and save the old goods one for the middle

    69. Jason Linn

      If we all donate $1 you’ll be there.

    70. cozmium

      i've worked in electrical engineering for 25 years, not as much as many i see here, but i just want to add my voice that i think you're better off fixing up what you have if you're not ready to invest in an upgrade. In summary: - The boxes need replacing they are rusted and not good. - The cable to the light fixtures need to not only be replaced but installed properly fixed to the tower (so they don't blow about etc.) - The connections and fuses clearly have decades of bodge work done, it needs to be refined and cleaned up. You're only really dealing with a decent amount of rewiring (which all your electrical guys are not going to want to do so will steer you away from it btw - no matter how friendly they are) and some basic hardware like cable, fixtures if needed and connection hardware. I can't speak about the poles since I don't have much experience in that area, but electrically getting it all fixed up would probably only be around 20k or so.

    71. apctech1

      forall the fixtures that need new wireing and what not i would just bite the bullet and change out the old lights to the new style lights and be done with it write of off on your track taxes as an improvement for the track and get some if not all of your money back. the saveings in power alone will pay for the new system with in a year or so

    72. Joshua Pylant

      Led. Lighting will save you money in the long run . But looking good

    73. c103110a

      Why would you be wearing harnesses for the viewers? It's just plain stupid to be stupid.

    74. jaded

      @17.06 is like under my desk

    75. Ovi 113

      Man im getting high sickness through the video. Im trippin out man. Bald eagle style

    76. Stetson Knipp

      Pretty hard to wanna fix old rusty and broken lights. Money into some new lighting wirh some warranty seems like a no brainer and abilities to maintain and upgrade over time are way better with newer system.

    77. john p

      So the FF is amazing and it deserves the best. and so do you. so id say bite the bullet and get the upgrade that u want. yes it is allot upfront. but it will pay for its self later low maintenance epic lighting and bad ass poles that will last a very very long time. so yea its worth it and you want the spectators to be able to see everything nothings worse than going to event and not being able to see what you went there to watch. Not to mention it will make your videos look better so its a good investment for the FF and your YT channel. so in closing at the end of the day do what makes sense for you cleet Thanks for all the endless entertainment this is my favorite Channel and you're great keep up the amazing work :)

    78. MATT G !


    79. Mod Squad

      How much did you pay for your grass 😂😂😂 is it really about the neatness?

    80. Victor Arreola

      Why help this guys when he’s over buying semi trucks he don’t need help

    81. Dmcannon318

      “Lights mullets action!” Shirt with a piece of the old wood beams. And a light fixture on the ff logo with a mullet off the light fixture

    82. Chris Mc Gowan

      Its not just upgrading, its future proofing a dream

    83. AnthonyTee

      Bro wood polls hold up power lines for decades, they'll be fine

    84. Goofy 772

      Dam 300k? Just get some friends with some mag lights and let em hang out lols. J/k what you are doing is so awesome! Way to many abandoned race tracks.

    85. Roy Viste

      14:56 how about to attach the harnesses to the lift ? Stupidity 🤣🤣

    86. Luke Desousa

      how do you keep your mullet looking so good any tips? lol

    87. bigwhiteslow

      I'm kinda scared of heights and you guys being way up in the lift messing with the lights was making me queasy. LOL

    88. Turbo Last Name

      Should have gone with Nick Bolton’s Tactical Light. You would only need one.

    89. Omar Bueno

      The handsomely cricket worrisomely share because quarter surely develop beyond a staking pig. perpetual, detailed pet

    90. Cooper Johnson

      Buy once cry once 😂

    91. Luke S

      On episode #23.... building the stages for the 5day subscriber festival 2025


      I am a electrician in NC needing some work bud and I also bleed 20w50 high zink racing oil and also wear octane 110 to catch the ladies lol!!!! So I can light er up and also turn faster laps in any vehicle of your choice at the freedom factory!!!?!? I am ready if you are cleetus!?!? We can do some polelights much cheaper man that's pretty high dollar buddy!! Remember how much area a pole takes up and how much wind it would take with such a small aerodynamic profile!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The LEDs are not heavy my friend and also they LEDs will last forever but being they are the best as far as power consumption and longtivity by far but the drivers that run the LEDs are what's failing or what we are seeing so far my friend, if you ever see a light blinking it's a led driver that's gone bad!!


        Also I can get led replacement bulbs for the fixtures you have and that's easier on that old wiring being you could run a pole with say 8 actual bulbs pulling or requiring less power which doesn't heat up the wiring or the panel boxes which is absolutely what your wanting to do my friend, also you can get direct driven line voltage led bulbs that get rid of all the transformer boxes (shit tons of wires at top of poles which was very dumb in the first place, don't let them do that to you again, make sure everything is down ground level incase something happens your maintenance guy can troubleshoot from the ground not a genie!!!! Just give me a call, let me drive or I mean hook you up electrical wise i want make no fool outta you! Where we specialize in removing shorts and checking boxes and use our common cents to save your mighty dollars lol!!!!

    93. Trey Steinberger

      Be patient and wait for the lights

    94. Alex Hickam

      Call Texas speed and precision and turbo those lights hell yeah brother!

    95. Mark Forrester

      Although its an expensive repair the whole lot looks like it needs ripping out and starting again. Whoever wired up those lights to start with takes no pride in their work. Absolute mess inside the junction box! As for the LED strobe effect people have been talking about that is normally in relation to the frequency of supply. IE in the UK if you film at 60fps with LED lighting then you get the strobe effect because our power supply is 50hz. If you swap to 50fps its fine and likewise if you use 25fps. I know you probably use higher quality filming equipment for your big events but its easy enough to test against an LED light with different frame rates to see the effect.

    96. Konor Sacks

      I heard the price and decided I should finish watching the video so you can get all that ad revenue lol

    97. Mike R

      Do the cheap fix then wait and see. No need to rush into 300k of expenses.

    98. Chris Corey

      Just put new treated poles back up with a concrete surrounding for the exposed ones to the race track and an LED lights 5 or 10 years you can put the $300,000 setup 👍 whenever you do is great brother

    99. gman999666999

      As a journeyman Crane operator call some local crane companies they can use much smaller equipment. we put wood mats down and drive on grass all the time.

    100. Bruce Larrow

      I still haven’t got my freedom factory contstructuon shirt what’s going on with those