Ruby is FINALLY Getting the Race Parts She Deserves!!! TX2K/Cleetus and Cars Ready!

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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      The EPA is intruding upon our sport!! They say we can’t convert street cars to race cars and can’t make high performance race components. By simply visiting this link: you can fill out your information and a message will be sent on your behalf asking Congress to pass the RPM Act. The RPM Act protects our right to convert street cars to race cars and our industry’s ability to make high performance parts. Please check it out, it’s worth your time! Video coming soon explaining this more in depth... #RPMAct

      1. Kayden Ishaan

        @Garry Campagna i am trying it out right now. Looks to be working.

      2. Garry Campagna

        I dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it enjoy!

      3. CptCannibal

        @Trevor it’s the American way. You shot first and I shot back. Let’s handshake and be done with it. 🤝

      4. Trevor

        @CptCannibal why are ya arguing? I’m a Democrat that supports the same issue you do.

      5. CptCannibal

        @Trevor you mean when the White House had another Democrat in office? 🤔🤔🤔 not seeing your point bub

    2. Laila Eileen

      The breakable dog concordantly smash because submarine cellularly describe about a absurd antelope. loving, torpid moustache

    3. Moon TV

      Suprise Maddie and make her grand Cherokee a trackhawk❗️🔥🙌

    4. Jesse Guerrero

      “ 3 equal payments “ new seat fooling

    5. Blorox Cleach

      Poor grand :(

    6. Anja Deadlow

      we don't want to see ya face, just show the shawty's

    7. Red_ Mistress_Racing

      CLEETER! Dude! You gotta buy my custom C6 headlights I had built for The Red Mistress. I sold her before they were finished. Hit me up on IG Red Mistress Racing. $800 and they are yours! For sale for anyone else too. They are Black btw. GONNA LOOK SICK ON RUBY

    8. Racheal Salome

      Anthony Edwards

    9. bart jaspers

      Ruby deserves a nice tractor flap 🤯

    10. m m

      to many adverts

    11. Christopher Corbin

      8:09 better be worried about my girl ruby. 🏁🇺🇸3️⃣

    12. Darius E

      I made the same noise when he opened that 1st wheel.. "ouuuu"

    13. Robert Stephens

      cleetus i would like to see another ford build

    14. braeden F

      just got a 98mm turbo. :)

    15. Jason Swift

      Dont put that fake bead lock ring on it makes it look dog ugly!

    16. Geoffrey Gay

      That causal new boot goofin reference by James was pretty sweet

    17. Brian G

      Looks like someone got their stimulus check lol

    18. Fred Youpa

      Doug kinda looks like Lunkers.

    19. iCool247

      Jet boat should have an LS turbo

    20. james13914

      And you didn't tell us about why there is a camry in the freedom 500 😢

    21. VanquishGaming YT

      Cleetus you know what you should do use the engine from that boat and put it in a Ford ranger 😂😂😂

    22. james13914

      I reckon they should build you some wheels for the 4stacker trailer and the toter truck to spice it up a bit👌

    23. Phy

      Always. Always read the manual, the directions as there may be a certain something that you wouldn't have known until something breaks down the road. I always read directions -- at least the directions that were written and made by people who speak English as their first language.

    24. Jonathan Hagerty

      I'm here for the Jet-boat content!

    25. Joseph Wertman

      Ruby needs some new headlights too, Or seal them off and put some gold fish in them

    26. Vertex Jeff

      New wheels look great!

    27. Jimmy Fuchstein

      go get a flatbed trailer lmao

    28. Anthony Efx

      Have a contest where the viewers design the paint scheme for the boats

    29. Tristan Corney

      Love the new wheels Cleetus hell yea bro❤️🔥🤘

    30. Charles Turner

      That color just looks dirty at all times...

    31. Horsepower Haven

      Are you selling the old ones? I'm interested

    32. Hilton Kaskela

      Im pretty sure this car "gets the race parts she deserves" ever season or once the top quality part is broke. Now someone like me can say that about my beat silverado if I hit the lottery!!!!

    33. gavia arctica


    34. Josh Stansell

      Glad to see James making Reno911 references 😝🤣

    35. Craig Orillie

      HAHAHA, man, Cleetus has that black amex card with unlimited spending. awesomeness.

    36. _danny_ SVT

      How about a wrap for Roby thoughts

    37. Chris Higgins

      Ruby looks sick as her new look is top of the line keep these coming mate

    38. NewEdgeYote

      Oh my fuck that coupe 🤤🤤🤤

    39. David Fruits

      Dam dude that’s a nice dam car WOOT WOOT !!!!!!! Got the rubies

    40. David Fruits

      Cleetus !!! DUDE !!!!!!! You gonna Race Ryan Martin’s bro ???? In His 4500 + horsepower FTECH PROCHARGER monster MOTORS 👿????????

    41. Marcus Paterson

      Time to get ruby a twin turboski

    42. Faze Orion Science guy

      Build a foxbody

    43. Jaden Carpenter

      I build those hyster forklifts

    44. Xgz

      Sick...enjoy the last year of the event man. You’re not really helping so you can’t be mad when all this is taken away. But hey...”HELLL YEAHHH BROTHERRR!!!....”

    45. B. Wayne

      James needs to wrap his boat as Darkwing Duck.

    46. AudibleVisible

      Ruby looks so sick

    47. AudibleVisible

      The titanium matte looks so much better than the other ones on leroy

    48. James Anderson

      When need a video of you driving that beautiful rig

    49. Jason Heiman

      Get the condensation out of the head light, just take the bulb out then blow the air compressor through it.

    50. Ryan Vandiver

      Someone get ruby an arbys sticker lol

    51. The Leafman Prophecies

      I guess Finnegan inspired this boat build...

    52. Fuzzy Thruster

      Interesting idea for the bumper for Ole Ruby pull It off snd put It on the wall in the office of the freedom factory

    53. Martha Martha

      The waggish snowboarding originally instruct because anteater surprisingly flower circa a equal timer. omniscient, petite religion

    54. Sean Harwood

      New seat goofin

    55. Peyton Gergen

      Ruby needs some tinted lights next

    56. Red_Sled

      Ruby > Leroy Automatic rule

    57. Red_Sled

      Ruby needs Vette-lights headlights and a new rear bumper without all the stickers.

    58. Nick Smith

      anyone know any history on that grey notch? I sold one like that to some fellas from down south several years ago...

    59. RV Monster

      You guys rock. You are livin my dream life. Have fun...

    60. Donald Bright

      Anyone else think the welds looked way better?

    61. Konsta

      How often you have to change tires on Ruby or Leroy?

    62. Jesse Lent

      I like the welds over the billet specialties

    63. Always Tempted

      "Can't be a good welder unless you're good every time" Those are some lofty standards I aspire to live up to lol

    64. Dewald Shona

      James should get a mic so that we can hear him better.

    65. Aaron Johnson

      EPA , there trying to take away race cars and mods !!!!!! Your an owner of a race track that’s not going to have cars to watch , you have a huge following we need your platform , or we’re going to LOOSE !!!!!!

    66. David Thomas

      Man his heart must have dropped when he realized!

    67. EM1Kvideos

      make a channel for the boats we want see cars

    68. Brian H

      why is the helm on the wrong side of your boat?!? power boats are basically always right hand drive.

    69. olini84

      Are James' seats Ostrich or "Sauce-trich"?

    70. osumbuckeyenut

      Should have gone with red on the bead lock ring

    71. Jacob Rezendes

      Oh yeah did I hear Cleetus say I love this car with his hands on a Mustang? That is really good to hear cause I'm a Mustang man myself but the only bowtie I could see myself in would be a corvette cause they are amazing cars.

    72. Jacob Rezendes

      Those boats are gonna be freakin awesome. 👍👍🤘🤘

    73. AK

      The boxes on the Killa-B back there, classic.

    74. Nate Avery

      Ruby needs new headlights.


      How to burn your ass? Put black seats in a boat.

    76. R.A. Gillis

      They actually remind me of original Z06 wheels. I approve.

    77. Jeff Collicker

      Just move the entire operation out to the Freedom Factory and build yourself a shop out there. Or expand the existing shop. You have plenty of land out there.

    78. DmC_Austin_77 7

      Cleetus you could use the towter home to hall the stacker and use the ram to haul the car parts or merch and extra stuff

    79. Dav5049915

      "No she's not!" DON"T LISTEN TO HIM LEEROY

    80. Solo_EM1

      What’s that? Whadja say? I’m just goofin’ new boat goofin’ - Jackstand probably

    81. Hayden Scarber

      I liked the wheels that was on it more... just my opinion

    82. Harry Johnson

      More Badass Free parts. Yes!

    83. TheFinalApproach

      Ruby needs some new headlights


      Get new head lights

    85. Larry Mez

      James is a real jewel! Do whatever it takes to keep him happy.

    86. Rick

      Between FasterPromms and Cleetus projects the shop is running out of parking room.

    87. Kirk Oglesby

      Y'all need to build a bigger shop at the Freedom Factory. One location and you have plenty of space.

    88. Jordan Scheurer

      Please get ruby some new eyeballs lol. Tented😎

    89. Salty Cracker

      James seems alot happier and in tune with all 1003355er projects you have going on he must have got a raise...

    90. Matt Shafer

      Why is the Camry in the 500?

    91. Nathan Tucker

      I love seein that clean mcfarland fab on the boat!

    92. Bubbles

      Do it for Education.

    93. csb gameing

      Can you please bring back the tracker videos

    94. h0ust0n. ch0pa5

      Cleetus is coming to Baytown😳😳 WHATTTTT Im a supporter from Houston tx big fan cleetus💪🏽

    95. Jay E

      Always hit the like b4 I watch❤🇳🇿🤘😎

    96. Rudy

      the SS. Shelby Stanga

    97. Nathan matas

      Lol jeep life

    98. Maximus Heronimus

      "next project" a new Shop at Freedom factory... building a huge Unit for storing units working on units.... would be sick to watch

    99. DontTreadOnMe9000

      Cleeter needs a coyote powered car

    100. Guitar_Guy_ Corpse

      He never continued talking about the Toyota