The Dale Truck Just CRUSHED Its Fastest Pass Ever!!! (all the nitrous)

820K weergaven42

    Dale Truck LIVE ACTION!!! This thing is getting DIALED, even doing wheelies!!!
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Drift Event coming in HOT! This Friday at the Freedom Factory, who's coming out? Adam LZ and T-Ray are coming!

      1. Francis Gage

        @Kasen Cade testing it out right now. Looks to be working :)

      2. Trenton Gulley

        @Kasen Cade Yeah no one gives a shit. If you have trust issues with your gf than its a toxic relationship.

      3. Kasen Cade

        Dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack if you care

      4. Chris Harris

        Hate to say the obvious but you can't just roll a nitrous car up to the line and then Bald Eagle it like you can with turbos. Tire/bottle pressure is IMM-MENSEELLELELLYY important. Not even knowing what PSI your tires are at and having to be told to purge the tank...dude, you're going to a> blow it up b> never succeed on a regular basis.

      5. Jim Pettit

        Cleetus!!!! You need to contact TimtheTatman. He is a youtuber/gamer . He just watched one of Leroys vids. Is in FL also and has a hellcat jeep. Is interested in cars and trying to learn about them more. I think it would be a great collab for views and new subs. Also get him into the culture more

    2. Joel Lawver

      Not a drag truck...Lol that truck wasn't built to leave at zero eagles but you sent it! Hail yeah BROTHER!!!!

    3. Laila Eileen

      The long-term zebra postsynaptically smell because wax nearly suspend underneath a numberless dew. highfalutin, abusive crocodile

    4. Chris R.

      I can’t stop hearing Dr. Tuna Mall...

    5. KryptixFaMe

      I’m a fan of any car where u have to put the steering wheel on before u can drive

    6. Connor McColligan

      16:10 ❤️❤️ that reaction was the best brother

    7. Ivonne Dee

      i think that truck is to small for hime

    8. Blank Stares

      Cleetus, you need to grow a damn Dr. Disrespect style face caterpillar brother! It would add to the bald 🦅 s something serious.

    9. John Smith

      Dr. Tuna mall?

    10. Paradux0z

      Dude if fuckin GETTTTTIN it.

    11. G Men2121

      Just had to watch this vid again cuz i got the Dale Trucks 9.430 PB slip with my freedom factory bundle

    12. Jaybruhh

      *_The legend TAVARISH himself!_*

    13. Riggityriggidy Rekt

      Maddie and bronte drag race! Comment and like so cleetus sees! Hopefully coop too xD

    14. Zachary Daring

      Love it!

    15. BlackedOutYote

      Go support the RPM ACT and save your race cars! Look it up!

    16. Jeremiah J. Nobles

      idr but was dale truck aways a dale earnhardt paint scheme?

    17. mccarthyp64

      it sounds so good

    18. Just a 5oh

      Is it weird that i only watch track videos of the fleet and skip all the yee-ha videos.

    19. D

      Dale earnhardt was boss. That guy took some serious risks and paid the price. Never forget in Days of Thunder the saying Control is just an illusion 👍

    20. X x-WCGaming-x X

      do it for dale

    21. sloth335

      Wrench everyday crew hanging out|

    22. MJM’s Workshop

      Dale is looking down smiling.

    23. FireLordCanti

      Damn that explosion @4:51!

    24. m neau

      watching the dale truck makes me miss my 454SS truck.

    25. candy kane

      Twin turbo that truck and sequencial transmission

    26. Nuri

      Is his racetrack right next to the drag strip? Like does he own both? I’m confused

    27. Bret Rhodes

      Love the casual Travarish cameo at the track.

    28. Peter Przybyla

      Is that Tavarish!?!

    29. J Jaeks

      Lets see some FF hot laps in the Dale Truck, full oval

    30. James Weaver


    31. Eli Ballard

      what motor does she have in her

    32. Nick P

      is it not normal to run some sort of Pressure regulator on a Nitrous setup to maintain consistent pressure?

    33. Stenc DTOM

      please link up with Jesse Iwuji

    34. Bradley Ruffner

      fix that dang throw out bearing man lol

    35. T RWW

      You should see what the old pace cart thing that came with the freedom factory runs. Then install nitrous

    36. Smoke Dirt

      Please build the dale truck to be a 8 second truck

    37. Austin Ferbert

      For everyone saying the throwout bearing is making noise, has obviously never been around anything with 1 to 4 sintered iron discs in it. It's not clutch down or clutch up its light slipping makes that noise.

    38. Joe Sweeney

      was that a tarvarish iand JArred in the backgroud at 12:45? Wrench it everyday boys!! :)

    39. Michelle Conger

      Dale did not drive a truck when he raced

    40. fallen hobbit

      Been waiting for this video. Tim, the guy that sold you Dale, works with me. He has another truck he says he is going to wrap as a 24 truck?

    41. Pearl_the_stinkeye

      am i the only one that feels like the chassis is twisting on the dale truck when he is wide open.

    42. Floordford

      When does this guy work? He's always just making great content, living the dream.

      1. carter vandenheuvel

        this is his job

    43. aaah tex


    44. Patrick Baitman

      Truck sounds awesome!

    45. fbgm aded

      Last 2 vids got 4 ads back to back

    46. aae42

      i see jarrrreeeeeeed

    47. satan em

      hi freddie

    48. Gary Laaks

      Dale Truck sounds awesome. Better than all the other brothers.

    49. Benevolent Protector

      No weight transfer.. Rear isn't squatting ..springs too stiff, too much compression damping. Front not lifting, ..not enuf rebound

    50. Blue Coyote

      The screaming eagle on the left tire carry 🤣🤣

    51. Mike Johnson

      Stock McClaren is faster, not impressed

    52. Nick Rattell

      I have a scale dale truck. Hell yeah brother!

    53. Wesleey Sutton

      I’m so sad I wanted one of those shirts so bad but I was too late D: god damn livin pay check to pay check 😂

    54. WYZMaro 97

      I love seeing the Dale Truck Ripping Down the Track!!

    55. EmergencyGuy1994

      Cleetus: Alright guys, so we dropped the launch RPM 100 RPM, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can be a lot. And then we also Loud engine revs Cleetus: Frickin‘ A, dude. Brother. Engine revs again Cleetus: BROTHER!

    56. Easley Does It.

      “ Granny shifting not double clutching like you should” haha

    57. Joey Harms

      Driving underwater pt.4!!! Please

    58. Markpaul Chohan

      Nice to see the Dale truck out on the track

    59. steve cr

      Yea that 4th gear? Its straight back from 3rd. lol. Anybody coulda missed that. bad Boy truck when you get it to launch. psst straight back from 3rd is 4th.

    60. john doe

      ADD some weights on the driver side that donkey is kickin to the left

    61. jt hirey

      Cleetus make the Dale awd setup it'd hook hell of alot more and make it even meaner

    62. Marilyn Coronado

      The periodic thing contrastingly sigh because regret neurally tire to a false familiar famous joseph. fabulous, therapeutic carpenter

    63. Boldr Bangr

      I know his other cars make faster passes but this is sooo cool! I'm not a Nastruck guy, but damn! Nice 😜 Rowing gears baby!

    64. George May

      142, damn, nice

    65. justin baird

      That looks like a very addicting driver

    66. originalcustomer

      Man you really have become one hell of a driver!!

    67. justin baird

      Would it be wrong too go balls deep on my 88 s10 and make Dale truck like it's son cept not put Jr. On it lol

    68. Paige Myers

      Dude like yeah you’re a NLname drag racer and all, but holy fuck you can drive. You drove the fuck outta first launch after the purge

    69. Darren Hague

      In England we use metal light poles

    70. justin c

      The dale truck makes me so happy!

    71. Codey Fletcher

      Is anyone else still waiting for the side by side with the turbo four cylinder swap lol

    72. GaryLordsWayMinistry

      Need to fix that through out bearing man, that thing is squealing so bad when the clutch is in.

    73. Patrik Hultengren

      Can someone please put him in a real Nascar on a big oval? PLEASE!

    74. itzyaboysam03 playing

      Just curious what model truck is that

    75. Jeremy J

      Tavarish needs to race this with his...’Bugatti’

    76. Nick Esasky II

      My god, there is just something about the exhaust note on The Dale Truck, full on 8 attacking Bald Eagles in concert!! Check it @ 11:23 (which was also a BA pass by Cleet) !!

    77. Explore-with-me

      Damnnnnnnn! not bad for a tripod hahaha (did you get it?)

    78. Manuel Victor Valderrama

      What's Freddie doing there..? Getting ideas on putting nitrous on his MACLAREN...?!?!? 😁😁😁

    79. Joe M

      Hell yeah brother that was awesome like what you've done with the truck Kool Beanz

    80. Mustang Eddie

      Dale would be proud still

    81. Taylor Brunner

      Imagine if cleet did a time attack or a circuit track day with the dale truck I think he’d have a lot of fun

    82. Thomas Rice

      bruhhh, tavarish was there sweet

    83. Ashley Evans

      Fair play to Maddie fully suporting you in anything and everything you do Cleetus. Your a good couple and and women like maddie are hard to by these days. Hopefully one day you get on one knee and make her your Wife to be

    84. Louis

      Wait lol all of a sudden there was tavarish

    85. Socom CygnusX1

      the eagle screetched

    86. EludeAdaptSurvive Reid

      I think the problems Cleet was having with the truck were weather related, just in the last 2 weeks the weather has gotten pretty warm down here.

    87. teammusketeers

      @cleetusMcfarland .....Kyle from boostedboiz misses 2nd gear and here we have old CLEETER missing his 4th looooool

    88. Brett Longstaff

      You and Tavarish are boys?? I smell some VINWiki stories coming...

    89. Greatest Ever

      is that the slave making noise when you let the clutch out ? id get annoyed of that sound

    90. ponypwr


    91. bop351

      Dr TuneEmAll needs to bring out a "Love me some Nitrous" T Shirts.

    92. William Stamper

      Drag radial time

    93. Jackson Brockwell

      How much for the sale truck cleetus? I’ll buy it

    94. Marcell Van Aswegen

      Hi Freddy. 🤟🏼

    95. Josh Lundquist

      No one:........ Cleetus McFarland: fuck it make me all wheelie

    96. Andrew Murray

      Nice driving Cleetus, the Dale truck was all over the place !! cheers from Australia :)

    97. Zach Stephens

      Nice pass Cleet quicker than the 765 too haha

    98. Roylee Born

      But can you smell it!

    99. Logan Harvey

      Cleet: "I keep missing fourth." Meanwhile itsjusta6: I know that feeling cleet

    100. Wes Bryant

      Vacuum it out to cut down on debris flying around on runs!