Took My Sleeper Marauder To the Dragstrip!! Clearly Needs More "Stock" Upgrades...

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    United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

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      1. System6 Rail Videography

        Tell me with an 850R

      2. Arian Ulises

        @Marcos Maxwell damn! It took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

      3. Marcos Maxwell

        Not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google enjoy!

      4. Curtis Lowe

        This thing is so stock its crazy

      5. B Kind

        Oh, oh yeah😁...

    2. Joseph Anderson

      Pushes through the brakes...needs a stock two step!

    3. Travis Tierney

      be honest if I had the money a stock Marauder is definitely on my list to have :P

    4. Jordan Zimmerman

      you did such a good job bullshitting the stock mods i dont even know whats real anymore

    5. Doug Leitz

      Whats under the hood of the Mur-rodder?

    6. Doug Leitz

      I love the way the Marauder looks! Total sleeper

    7. Nick Day

      This is the best video ever watching the Miata

    8. Colton Caskey

      So what’s actually done to the car😂

    9. djbadandy1

      XD DEWD i pulled 15.4 in my 99.9% stock ZX2 lolol

    10. Ben Vernon

      Garza... Do us all a favor... Hand in your license at the nearest DMV... Thanks bro 😂😂😂

    11. George Dennison

      FoMoCo must make an adjustable proportioning valve... dial up the bias to the front brakes...

    12. Joshua Gibson

      Is this thing still around???

    13. Grayson Cox

      Garza having so much fun and being proud of his car no matter the time bcs it’s his car is sooooo pure

    14. Adam Valkoššák

      iam late but ... never lie to a video even when it sounds stupid because kids then tell me to watch your video because you are right and iam not :D :D

    15. Moon TV

      7:55 that look they gave eachother showed how sketchy it really looked 😂

    16. Ely Enderle

      The innocent lunch orly disarm because shoulder briefly cry round a well-to-do cd. smiling, pancreas

    17. Patrick Dresser

      That was the funniest damn burn out 😂😂 living it up in the miata

    18. Ashley Platt

      I drove a Marauder for years but had to trade it for a 4 wheel drive because I lived in icky Indiana then. I just moved south of Sarasota, so I wish I had it back. It was a fun little grocery getter.😈

    19. khendrick knutson

      You might not see this but a good base for this car if it hasn’t been done already is to throw 4:10’s in it. Changes the car completely also a nice tune I had an 04 marauder with SS exhaust 4:10’s and a Marty tune and I was pretty content with it!

    20. Dalton Valentino

      “The Freon will charge the intake pipe through a paper filter” I’m weak

    21. Eios

      Every video on NLname : Step 1: Search through comments to find the most popular ones Step 2: copy said comment as your own in an attempt to get likes Step 3: either successful and now your the coolest person in the world with a few hundred likes, or you fail and keep repeating from step 1. Honestly I don’t know why the hell people care so much

    22. Greg

      Cleetus McFarland is Judge Reinhold if he was from the south.

    23. Kamikaze _3_17

      Bro rc cars and rc planes are fund back off

    24. 1stTactless

      "59! .. ... we can definitely get that to 69! but .. ...."

    25. Playcer

      why does the miata sound like a lawnmower

    26. SLeeK90LX

      Is it just me or can you hear that thing knocking or maybe some bearing noises.!?!?!🤔

    27. Emery Cottle

      I hear turbo noises from the marauder. Can't pull the wool over my eyes.

    28. Jaybruhh

      *_I forgot he never drove a Manuel. Garza & the Miata at the prime!_*

    29. Jaybruhh

      *_Cleetus is so lucky to have a girl like Madi._* DO IT FOR DALE!

    30. Easy Come Easy Go

      Swap motors with the 700 horsepower 5.8 Crown Vic you have, and there you go. Marauder is so much sexier. I wanted to get one real bad for my girl, and do a 6-speed manual swap on it. She actually rather wanted the town car with the 6 speed manual swap. Ended up with an 01 S4😂, it was a 1/3 of the price

    31. The Optional Kind

      The guy with the Miata, respect, Keep up the good work man.

    32. chriswhisby71

      What size tires drag were those I want them on mine

    33. Rilo Sullastarr

      We want more “stock marauder” cleet!

    34. Ronnie Stella

      The unequaled voyage alternately frighten because seaplane hemodynamically stop via a womanly caption. elated, big quilt

    35. ShelbyvsViper

      I thought Garza was going to blow the motor on that 2nd burnout in the Miata... OMG.

    36. W

      Good fun with the guys at the track. Great to see you having fun with the 19 sec miata. The owner must be thrilled that you take time out of your 7 second car to break his into 19.

    37. The City Official

      What do you expect in a stock marauder hahahaha

    38. Mike A


    39. Gfoke

      pretty sure my S10 was faster than that with the 4 cylinder. haha.

    40. Zach

      Niiice Intro! Ya know you got a real keeper when she dies laughing at your unexpected backfire. Even when you're in your car!

    41. kevin9c1

      It's a Marauder. It's supposed to leave the line super soft.

    42. ThePeopleVerse

      @13:58, what flew off the car onto the track? Anyone see that?

    43. Hooptie Rides&Reviews

      Did yall seriously just say check your tire pressure so your wheel doesn't fall off. Its check your lug nuts are properly torqued. Not to bright aye, just read the screen just read the screen. ...

    44. Kevin Moore

      Bone stock 2007 hyundai accent I ran a 16.8. Funny as hell but I got to beat a few built vehicles to the 1/8th. Good times at a drag strip!

    45. justin baird

      That miata is straight trolling 🤣😂

    46. Jim H

      I bought my Marauder brand new off the truck in Oct 03 with 4 miles. It's an 2004 and has been babied. Just turned 58K miles. I've got the original paperwork and the leather jacket sent by Mercury. I also purchased a new floor mat kit just in case, still in the box. Best car I've ever owned!

    47. Kevyn Chretien

      I think it’s something like 150 shot of nos 😅

    48. Jamison Timberfalling

      That car has a lot of AC issues. You should really try to fix that.

    49. vation sims

      Taco Bell, was a waste of video time

    50. Mark Graves

      NOS stands for New Old Stock, so... Still stock.

    51. Louis

      this video is just too funny xDDDD

    52. Russelllcar

      rc planes are cool cleetus

    53. EE DESIGN

      Well that was extremely stock. Nothing to see, move along please.

    54. kenneth gongora

      i have a low imagelage Marauder sitting at my shop for a year now and cant get ahold of the owner....its a shame

    55. DV8 Doug

      @10:47 This footage is so priceless, you cant script this

    56. Speedfreak515

      Are you going to dyno the stock Marauder to see if manufacturer claims are correct?

    57. James Taylor

      OK now I gotta run my bull nose duallie! I know I can whoop the Miata!

    58. Sam S.

      It would be cool to see the Miata converted to an EV drag/drift car.

    59. Danny Mahon

      Cant even watch this.

    60. Juan Castillo

      This is hilarious if someone didn't know any better they are probably listening to this like really wtf

    61. DrtyBrd5.0

      Miata driver mod lmao 😂. Put some plugs and wires in that shit. Lol. 17’ s all day

    62. Andrew Foster

      Man... that Taco Bell Racing Miata has some pretty gnarly cam lope. What a mean machine.

    63. UrbanImmortal

      The only one who believes it's stock is cleetus 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Mike Baz

      The Miata running on 4 will definitely run 18s!

    65. Joshua Enyart

      Sounds fantastic!!!!

    66. Thomas Campione

      Where can I get one of these, I need one

    67. Mike Iaboni

      Ok for real wtf is the Marauder turboed cause I'm hearing a BOV noise

    68. Sean Edwards

      There are some seriously gullible people around that may actually believe this is stock and buy one cause of it haha

    69. Bernhard Zach

      I can see the Marauder entering Cleetus into the world of Donk Racing

    70. jgreenjeans

      The 🌮 🔔 Miata. Cleet had to show him how a cow eats cabbage, "Granny shiftin', not double clutchin' like you should!"

    71. MayhemVideos

      Try revving it in neutral to redline while on the brakes real hard . You'll feel the pedal go down further

    72. ZingPow887

      That tiny car put the biggest smiles on some big men. Thats bald eagles if you ask me.

    73. Chris

      Holly's channel doesn't work in your link.

    74. 313dieselguy

      Whybdoni keep hearing ticking every time you give it throttle

    75. Mark Breuninger

      Come Cleetus, put a 3500 rpm stall converter in it. It seems like the stock converter is going south.

    76. Bobby Pruitt

      Any chance you would do this build on Blue Marauder?

    77. Rahhhhhnman

      Brilliant, all of it, 2.45million and one subscribers

    78. Andrew Palmer

      As you like mad and fast, how about this? SUZUKI HAYABUSA TURBO* POWERED 3 WHEELER Bond Bug. Look it up.

    79. Terrance Strube

      I love how much fun these guys have together. Friendshipgoals#

    80. Tonto Gonzales

      My push mower also stays full throttle all the time. Didn't know car could do that 🤔 😳

    81. AnythingOutdoors101

      I love the "stock" talk. 🤣

    82. Steven Malo

      cleetus can we see the planes?

    83. Curtis Wilson

      I heard "23 smiles per gallon"

    84. sharp68chevyguy

      I got unsubscribed again, thank NLname.

    85. Wrench Werkz

      I think the taco bell miata was down a few burritos, but that burnout was SPICEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY

    86. aaron dale

      What have rc planes can you show them

    87. Twarken

      “So we can put a torquefornicator in it....” 💀

    88. SydneyChromatic

      Are they doing half mile runs?

    89. Troy Riley

      @6:44 That stock marauder flutter lol

    90. Jon Rau

      Madi, your reaction was priceless. Fun video

    91. Kevin Bjarnason

      Haha Bone Stock Marauder go stustustustu

    92. Quake Masta

      lol, gaslighting through the whole video.

    93. TheGreeNinja13

      Damn, here I am thinking my 14 second Cavalier is slow.

    94. Evo_Winters

      NASCAR should use stock Marauders

    95. Logan Worthington

      I need one.

    96. Chris Cook

      Laughing my ass off It felt like half of a day For that Miata to get down the track😂

    97. Timothy K Streb Sr

      Sounds like engine knock?

    98. NANDO Quinones

      Awesome ride

    99. Andy Shucksmith

      The miata or mx-5 in the UK is definitely down at least 1 pot.

    100. Will Dodds

      When Garza is ready put in the hot tune and give him all 4 cylinders!