Took the Mud Truck Out To an INSANE Mud Hole!! Freedom Force 1 Gets Stuck Immediately...

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    1. Ole Dude

      What is the name of the pre-soak that you used on the mud truck at the end? That stuff worked!!

    2. Krishna Lastiri

      The quixotic pheasant phylogenitically tick because brow finallly frighten notwithstanding a obsequious supermarket. deadpan, nappy multimedia

    3. mechanicman87 bruh

      Nothing like the good ol 6oh rev limiter

    4. Caleb Gibson

      Maddy is literally the cutest. A girl that supports what you do the way she does is hard to find. You better marry her!!!

    5. Caleb Gibson

      I love the flag at 7:46 ❤❤

    6. Nicholas Murphy

      Trying to build a monstermax?

    7. 954scrappy

      my grandmas 30 minutes from plant bamboo lol

    8. Caleb Driskell

      Everyone the esa r something like that is taking away all mods for cars they r taking away are life hood y’all

    9. Rail Stalker Adventures

      Hey Cleeter, do you guys use a GoPro camera in your shots?

    10. Kamikaze _3_17

      The only one that saw the patio boat mud truck?

    11. oscar salazar

      The rampant seeder internationally carve because glockenspiel invariably slow regarding a laughable euphonium. helpful, loving stop

    12. BornAgainYinzer

      Ahhh...... The Life

    13. Bad Gas Video

      Roll cage brother 🤘🏻

    14. Jayj B

      Need to give that truck sick paint job !

    15. Jaybruhh

      *_We all wish we had amazing girl friends like Cleetus's... My girlfriend won't even let me race. LOL_*

    16. abner hernandez

      What was in the bottle spray that yu sprayed on truck that took off the extra mud???

    17. arthur roetting


    18. Lance Heckel

      Asphalt is a luxury you never appreciate till you're off of it for a while lol

    19. Lance Heckel

      Lol best sponsor video ever lol.

    20. michael cole

      For the freedom 500 would you guys be interested in partnering up with a monster truck ride truck there?

    21. John Chisholm

      Me and my dad was on the little buggy that had a whistle and I had a blue shirt on and my dad had a orange shirt on

    22. Bellbull Didier

      At 8:00, do u support liars?

    23. D Adam

      These mud trucks are the most Florida thing I’ve ever seen

    24. Eric Draper

      Of course it got stuck it's a Frieghtliner.

    25. IntelOutsidePentium

      get a cage in that thing if you don't want to get crushed by a collapsing roof when you roll over

    26. Chris Dowland

      Great video

    27. MrKobuka

      Интересно было бы увидеть такие твачки на Русском бездорожье. И сравнить с нашими

    28. Luis Carrion

      Mady is such an awesome girl!

    29. STEEZY G35

      Hands down thee best promotional video ive seen ya do! Keep this energy!

    30. Tyler laMar

      I don’t Understand mudding it’s so stupid and is boring

    31. Nathan List

      Cleetus what type of soap are you using to clean your truck in the video?

    32. John Moore

      Had a 45 foot showhauler at a motocross track, I was driving it at 18 years old with my dad following in the van. Got into a situation in the track parking lot I couldn’t back out of with a 10 foot section of straight mud, locked the diff and held her wide😂 the people’s faces were the best part

    33. Amberlyn Harkleroad

      Anyone know which park this is?!

    34. ThePeopleVerse

      Just about The best part of the whole video was the dang end where he de-muds the truck.

    35. Ismael Cruz

      Ummm is there not a pandemic where yall at?😂

    36. Daniel F

      The galaxy would look good on that truck frame

    37. Brady Watson

      What cleaner was in the sprayer when you washed the truck @cleet

    38. SquareBody Flatbed

      That sponsor plug was perfect. Made me want 2 new knifes.

    39. Ken Leach

      Love the music whilst washing truck

    40. Trucks Gone Wild

      Check out the TGW Plant Bamboo Recap Video

    41. Elizabeth Del castillo

      You know she’s a keeper when she still enjoys being in a mud truck kinda covered in mud...

    42. Greg Solomon

      At the very end of the video, when you were washing your truck. what was that stuff you were spraying on your truck to clean it ? Dirt just fell off.

    43. tankdog03

      Diesel trucks just dont get enough rpms, gassers are much funner!

    44. tankdog03

      Buy your DOGE COINS while its still at 5 cents, before it goes to 50 cents.. x5 your profits

    45. DJ special K

      Plantbamboo was a lot of fun ,that rear engine diesel Mega was blasting through that pit . I was creeping my side by side all through there except for that one deep part lol 😂

    46. JANDERSON81

      Always love your videos!

    47. Moe

      8:00 FUCK BIDEN flag, lmao

    48. Kenai Tobin

      God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇸

    49. Bryan Miranda

      Biden 2024

    50. Brad Goff

      I missed you at plant bamboo. I couldn’t make it happen that weekend. I am going to ryc in March for tgw so hope to see you there. I’ll be looking for you like always 👊🏼

    51. 1ST General

      If someone taps the breaks 10 cars ahead on the interstate my wife is doing her danger Will Robinson 🤖 impersonation couldn't imagine ripping in a mud pit

    52. Oneil Phinn

      the cleaning was soo satisfyling

    53. iDoit4LoLz

      Is that the truck that flipped into the pond when whistlin and demo were there?

    54. Luis A.

      Lol just bring a boat.

    55. Brandon Peeples

      Good one brother, so dope that ur girl digs that stuff too. God Speed brother....

    56. ShawnRector

      You can turn off the annoying lane departure warning rumble strips sound. Next to your hazard light button on the right side there is a button LDW off. This button will temporarily turn off your lane departure sensor.


      Nothing better than diggin. I got a 1976 jeep cj5 on 44 ground hogs on 1tons about 700hp her name is sweet thin. She wheelies

    58. Jon P

      What's the spray you used on the truck at the end?

    59. System6 Rail Videography

      Looks like you had a great time.

    60. David Dion

      Seems as though you have a significant amount of disposable income, congratulations.

    61. Bolly Bib

      Do another channel for the mud truck and mud truck adventures

    62. Naik van der Wielen

      Cletus where can I get those 🔪 🗡️ knifes? Please

    63. DesmondDavis Gaming

      The fuck Biden flag 😂🤟🏻

    64. Joseph Regan

      The “FUCK BIDEN” flag is kinda funny

    65. Fifty 50 Photography

      That was a fun weekend minus the rain. It’s always fun watching everyone. I don’t think I got any pictures of you and your truck this time.

    66. rondogwil

      You gotta love being able to take a shower before the drive home.

    67. Joe Brady


    68. Aldo C.

      "We're going into a nasty spot this is probably a bad idea" "Send iiiit"

    69. jsxhoody

      My feelings got hurt when you cut the power washing session short

    70. Leland Marshall

      You’re gonna want a foam canon for the mud truck clean up.

    71. Kyle Callick

      Damascus steel knife. very nice! Sick mud truck Cletus.!

    72. X3R0D3D

      the very end is super satisfying watching all the mud come off with clean paint underneath

    73. Mitchell Peterson

      Maddy is cute AF. You hit the jackpot with her.

    74. Ross Johnson

      What the event called pls?

    75. benjaminrosebroook

      More content like this please, love seeing the day to day thing too.

    76. Phil Andrew

      What in the Jiminy cricket son of a backyard biscuit is in that HDX bottle!?!?!

    77. SalmonSnake

      Giraffe is so hairy

    78. Donnie Minter Jr

      "Alright we'll start it off, we gotta get this thing a little wet, we got a pretty good sized hole here" -Cleetus 2021. #HellYeahBrother #FloridaMan #LetsGo #JHWho #LiveAction #CleetusExotic #PantherKing

    79. Justin Owens

      You are living the American dream do it for dale on asphalt and the mud hole

    80. michael Kahre

      At 8:00 that’s the perfect flag

    81. Veronica V


    82. Chris Holley

      Cleeter, what were you using to wash that monster?

    83. Heath Fitzgerald

      Where is this?

    84. Sean logie

      Lets see more of you and Madi ,your great together 💓

    85. Josh Vincent

      Get some freedom factory flags for the mud truck!!😎

    86. Kegan Ingram

      I love u cleat and I only could hope to do what u do

    87. Joseph Irick


    88. Dylan kapral

      american flag wrap for the mud truck plsss also a air force star wrap for the freedom force one

    89. Jamison Timberfalling

      Objects in mirror may get dirty.

    90. ElBigWeeWee

      man what is in that HDX bottle cleaned the truck up really nice

    91. Eric Davis

      The “fu*k Biden” flag was one of the best parts of the video. Thank you for leaving that in!

    92. WILDn WHEELING304

      I love how factory the bigger looks , well besides what's not factory 😂

    93. حسوني العراقي


    94. 2 Kool Chris

      Hey cleetus. I was wondering. I know you have a lot of crown vics from the good old freedom 500’s and I am turning 16 this year and I was wondering if you would be interested in selling a Vic. I love the channel and I would love to purchase a car that had seen cleeter scene time on the track. Hell yeah brother mud bogging is awesome. Still have mud on my dads bronco from when he let me practice driving in the Field and I went through the swampy part. And ripped a muddy donut.

    95. TheBaconBrotato

      Yo Cleetus, they have automatic tire chains for commercial vehicles. I've seen them used on school buses that drive in really rural and hilly areas. It would help the Towederhome get through that mess like a boss.

    96. J.T. Blair

      Mud trucks/Pull Trucks are retarded. Fight me.

    97. Mitchell Bliss

      They tow each others each others diesel..they tickle each others ballsacks too?? Jh n garett?? Lmfao

    98. Jim F

      I wish I had a cool old lady like you do cleetus

    99. Dave Vaughn

      Need to get a water tap on the outside of your hauler so you could hose yourself up.. keep that baby nice inside

    100. Stephanie R. S.

      This video was uploaded on the 20th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death. #doitfordale!