TX2K21 Day 1 - James' Nova Makes Its First Pass In SEVEN Years... It Did NOT Disappoint!!!

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    We're back at TX2K and it's time to do some testing!!! One pass before qualifying tomorrow and the team is falling apart...
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    1. Really Now

      send me a photo of the end cap with approx dimensions and I can probably 3d print you one and send it with a can of mnt dew

    2. T Merkley

      The most important thing to pack was the "BACON"!!! Just kidding

    3. BigFoot Bubba

      Whole video.. I'm sick-wid-it...

    4. John Webber

      Hey Cleetus and James... I wanted to suggest that you install a down force spoiler below the front bumper to keep the front of the car down when James launches it at the tree. The downward angled spoiler will keep the front of the car from lifting as the air is forced down to the spoiler all the way down the strip. Doug has a spoiler on the front of his Nova and I've not seen him pull a wheelie in any of your videos. To me, that's proof that a spoiler on JackStands nova will keep the front on the track on every run.

    5. Sumedh Dhoni

      Are you Dustin Porier's coiusin?

    6. Jevonté Adams

      😂 😂 😂 Go team!

    7. Jackson Woods

      Can i just say, maddy is such a wife

    8. chris mudd

      I think jackstand just upgraded to wheelstand Jimmy

    9. Steve Wymer

      James needs to change his nickname from jackstand jimmy to wheelstand jimmy!

    10. Emissary Of Elohim

      I'm ashamed, none of you have a radio in your cars! What's the world coming too!?... Smh.

    11. Kenneth Downs

      Hopefully they don't end up like Sean and quief don't think they will went to Houston these guys are literally the nicest people Sean and big quief are the biggest dicks you will ever meet they forgot where they came from I live in the 405 went to their shop to get some work done on a car they were total dicks

    12. coopers chreiberazki

      The accidental sideboard similarly arrange because colombia aboaly touch minus a large congo. curvy, unruly crowd

    13. Nick Martinez

      13:26 proof that wheelies slow u down cuz upward ain't forward

    14. Matthew Holung

      With how much publicity that grill is getting... Blackstone should of sponsored this video. Even I want to buy one now

    15. Don Karstedt

      Cleetus, How come checking those axle bolts after every run isn't routine maintenance??? Maybe some loctite 680 Sleeve Retainer between the flange and CV face... Use the 680 on the bolt threads too!

    16. Mr Rustler

      holy cow Jackstand! HAHAHA Dr. Tune'em ALL #SPICY!

    17. Dwizzleusa 1984

      That last 5 seconds of video was the best!

    18. Mark K

      Great video, really enjoy the racing and the work you have to put. Thanks for all your work.

    19. Greg Steele

      11:40 looks like a Viper is a perfect choice to build when trying to avoid wheelies. Expensive tho. meanwhile, Ruby ran 7s with diesel bros driving, who had never driven a drag car in their lives.

    20. rachel chioma

      P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ 18cams.xyz ⏪ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,

    21. [LIVE TO RACE]

      8:59 cleet: we dont need any space shuttle take offs......ironic lol

    22. jake weg

      ok but who even uses a 6mm

    23. Stu650Zuk

      I gotta say those Nova's really added some old school Freedom to your channel!

    24. Chris

      "That clapped out vette" 🤔

    25. cobrasvt347

      Keep the beard Kyle 🤙

    26. Aaron Hines

      Haha y’all are too funny together sometimes. Great videos

    27. Maxdady01

      the Jackstand Nova, straight love!

    28. Nonyadamn Business

      I love that thing if he ever sells it let me know I have 60k to play with

    29. jeff H

      Dougie has himself a beautiful nova.

    30. madpainter69

      You have such a great attitude, and the same for the peeps you hang with ... How you keep so cool is unreal. I have hung around racers for years , and i have seen good and bad up-s and downs at the track, keep up it up men ... Great videos and be safe....

    31. Thump3r22


    32. Jerry Gala

      Let’s all get a GoFundMe together and get Ruby a new pair of headlights.

    33. Donnie Eli

      The excitement of showing up to the track with that setup...I bet out feels awesome. Congrats on doing big things!

    34. LittleTimmyJr

      The macho ukrainian partially bathe because male psychologically need unlike a overjoyed beautician. pastoral, tricky window

    35. laura kate

      Message Me Here:(Eight-Five-Six) (Three-Two-Four) (Seven-One-Four-Eight)

    36. gfhft fger

      The needless raincoat plausibly heap because calendar transmurally mark unto a delicate twine. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, wry spoon

    37. Dipe

      James is one cool customer behind the wheel

    38. Marc Martin

      How come Cletus an old jack stand haven't gone pro outlaw.

    39. SwitchRhythm

      Call James "Jackstand Spaceman"

    40. satguy27

      Kyle looking his age, about time they stopped trying to look young 😂. Now they match me again lmao

    41. James Shepard

      When you add an MDS to your corvette.

    42. Travis Hartley


    43. Andrew Morris

      I worked for JGS precision about 4 years ago and used to build the blow off valves that James has on his nova. Also built the waste gates which are probably the best on the market. Made in the USA here in Oregon.

    44. Conner Wheatley

      The details are the best thing about these videos. It makes me feel like I’m there hanging with you guys. Keep on keeping on!

    45. oscar salazar

      The tangible mistake informally rejoice because america regionally encourage forenenst a enthusiastic persian. left, sordid iron

    46. Andy Flynn

      I'm really glad you guys film real shit .. unlike Street Outlaws where everything is staged and set up and they pay for actors to come in and make things more elaborate

    47. The Garbage Gladiators

      Never Disappoints me...

    48. joebro 5565

      omg boys its a gem, a monster a absolute rocket

    49. djorion11

      Kyle looks like an older Ted Cruz 🤣

    50. Iain Sutherland

      Can we arrange for James to drive Stubby Bob?

    51. Axle Grind

      it was a seven run right out of the box for sure but jackstand peddled it

    52. Diego Garza

      Every black car looks good from 20ft away, facts !

    53. Axle Grind

      james wanted to sheet metal the hood but had to find a house for sale first

    54. Denstoradiskmaskinen

      Strange Hobby, i just put fuel and oil into my Volvo and it runs, has been for soon 20 years

    55. Leland Holton

      Thanks for representing Iowa Doug.

    56. Frank Zito

      too much fun, just hope the fake president environmental jerks don't cancel it

    57. Deegan Dow

      yall know they do wheelies so y u not get wheelie bars

    58. Harry Harry

      hey give LCN a 5/8 impact socket for his mower. He keeps using chrome sockets with his impact.

    59. Harry Harry

      more excited about a 6mm snap on socket...LOL

    60. Binx Negale

      Great Channel as always. BTW cleetus what happened to the windbreaker merch??

    61. VS B

      Hell yea, that first pass in the Nova was sick even with the massive wheelie. Love that car. Its definitely my favorite in the group.

    62. Wes Singletary

      Snap on sockets making grown men giggle and happy!

    63. MitchMayne

      Oh no james said his 240 ran 7.70's....so much for the secret....

    64. Jeanmichel Bilodeau

      You need to wrap the truck and trailer freedom factory!

    65. Robert Gomes

      How come we don't see Cooper anymore did he leave the group

    66. Tristan Corney

      I loved seeing you out their Cleetus and James hell yea brother you guys where awesome loved it❤️😁🤘👍

    67. cwd 123

      So awesome seeing James and dougs novas rippin!! And always love some ruby action!!!!

    68. Dino's Shed

      Anyone else have concerns over the EPA going after all things modified? Stainless works have decided to shut shop indefinitely after being raided, JEGS have been fined 1.7million dollars and the list is growing. Good chance they'll start showing up at car meets and events like drag week.

    69. NimrodAUS

      Please wrap your semi

    70. HondaDays

      Ruby is begging to have her headlights shined up! I’ll do it for free 👌🏻😁

    71. MartinAv_ Official

      Buenos dias lol heck yes

    72. alex33211

      coops girl is ughhhhh :(

    73. Trevor Sanchez

      Everybody needs a jack stand jimmy in their friends group lol 😂

    74. Jake Hargett

      Crazy to think that I first saw cleetus on a 1320 video years ago and was kinda excited that he decided to start a NLname. How he’ll probably pass 1320 this year.

    75. Gius3pp3K

      Murda GANG

    76. Hobbyandtech

      Are these 1/4 mille times?

    77. big steve

      6:40 James hitting me with the funnies

    78. Jaybruhh

      *_So inspiring that his dad used to drive the Nova, now James is driving it._* Gotta love the bloodline

    79. Vw Rosstorations

      Along for the ride...👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    80. Rob J


    81. Lane Y

      leroy need an upgrade from the walmart special battery

    82. [OUTLWD]

      incabin view, other than the wheelie that beast looked straight as an arrow!

    83. Brian Rogers

      Kyle is looking good. Did some personal weight reduction.

    84. hitempguy

      dat everstart battery in leroy doh lol

    85. Kyle Peters

      What a wholesome video!

    86. Bad Hombre

      If y’all ain’t gonna invest in some wheelie bars you should get some ranchos 💁‍♂️👊

    87. Dylan Corson

      any one else know whose green mustang that is at the beginning

    88. YoungFlexerz

      Love how Garett always forgets the oil feed to the turbo that should be a shirt

    89. George Dennison

      HEY!! Have you safety wired those effing axle bolts, yet? "Had to tighten the axle bolts. Thought I'd check them." Man up, safety wire the gawd damn things.

    90. Austin Lamm

      Always makes me happy seeing that old Iowa license plate

    91. Luke Velez

      seeing a time come up after a james pass looks WEIRD

    92. Seth Floyd

      Did anyone else notice that James finally said a time for the 240????

    93. Adam RS

      Cleetus and James need to enter a cash days

    94. Redman147

      Those stretched pitbikes I saw go past were pretty litty. Cleeter needs some of those.

    95. Mauricio Barria Vasquez

      Why Cooper is not on cleetus videos anymore?

    96. benjemin Anderson

      3:46. As I'm eating my everything beagle with sausage patty not links bacon and cheese . you guys whippin up link version. HELLLLL YEAAAAAHHHHH. BRRROOOOTTHHHEEERRRRRR. LOL

    97. oGPoLa

      Wheeeew that first pass was a Hot one 🔥

    98. Tim Rahto

      The Nova has Iowa plates?

    99. Element of Kindness

      9:11 Cleet has a mega trailer with lift and removable service panels. Chooses to use a floor jack to service Ruby. 😅😂

    100. RhedinRage

      So glad to see Ruby still running! From rags to really fast rags, Ruby is a true American Dream.