TX2K21 Day 4 - Leroy Carries The Team in TX2K Eliminations... Runs a FOUR SECOND 1/8th MILE!!!!

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    That's a wrap for TX2K!!! Leroy got his 4, the team got whooped and that's that!
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    1. UC_CloutGOD

      Dr.pepper every morning

    2. Soupcan Astronaut


    3. Brewster Harrington

      Keep racing cars. You Cook like old people f$ck!

    4. j p

      lmfao best shit ever xD wakes up still half in the bag yet cooks for his bros xD thats legit

    5. Brad Peterson

      Leroy the Savage. Look forward to the upgrades and what sure seems like solid 7 fifties... maybe high 40s? There are enough pictures of James's Nova doing wheelies to last a life time. Now it's time to go real fast. Maybe you could take the time for a Toast,Killa B,and the Steve Morris engine status report.

    6. Anthony Sousa

      Mountain Dew in the am dr ripper for the whiskey after hard days work

    7. dmitry choglo

      Damn, not only are your cars cooked, so is your voice!

    8. Know Bull5hit

      James can F’ing DRIVE!

    9. Vapist F

      Love how he used the adjustment wrench to flip the sausages🤣you can tell it never gets used

    10. The Architect

      Nothing more painful than red lighting ! Ugh

    11. Scott Butcher

      "Not today Honda's" 😁

    12. Kog Maw

      Good god the balls on James staying in that wheelie hell yeah brother good racing

    13. IamBlink TV

      10:12 stone cold killa.

    14. Evan Pelkey

      Cold ripper > any non alcoholic drink

    15. Travis Hartley


    16. Justin Clement

      WHY ARE YOU USING A METAL SPATULA ON THAT GRILL????!!!@!!!!!!! Someone please take that black stone away from him

    17. 9169enjoi

      Dr Pepper in the morning, Dew at lunch, Yellow Edition Red Bull for dinner 💪💪

    18. Ryan Straughan

      that flat top grill is Non-stick, use plastic or a rubber spatula, your gonna scratch the crap out of it

    19. Lawsheep Zzzz

      U need a scramble button!

    20. Ryan Stocks

      I know you let off but that camaro ripped

    21. laghbz

      I’ll see you later his weekend Baytown is right next to me I’m in pearland I’ll see ya

    22. daniel carter

      Dr.pepper is the shit, i never knew how much i liked dr.pepper until they came out with the dr.pepper cream soda, then i drank anything dr.pepper

    23. Elizabeth Del castillo

      While I was watching this I thought I was just hearing car racing sounds in the background constantly... turns out my mom was just crushing ice...

    24. Ker Loz

      The rural streetcar unfortunatly handle because bestseller unpredictably repeat about a tawdry bill. scattered, malicious caterpillar


      u forgot milk in ur eggs.

    26. ArsenalnUrMouth

      14:40 James excitement on that launch got me fired up!

    27. kari D.

      Fast cars are fun.

    28. Toni C

      Yusss nothing beats a cold Dr ripper in morning

    29. asin

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    30. chris tha menace

      Damn, whether or not you redlighted i have to say you are the most honest entertaining person ive encountered on the ol tube. You're the man Cleetus. Leroy was on a mission too. Great work guys

    31. Chace Alvernaz

      16:06 the announcer calling everybody out for tracking shit on the track😂 “don’t bring your dirty ass shoes to the line”

    32. DIY fab and auto

      Is Cleet still doing the clutch less shifts? That’s the way to go, that’s how I’ve always raced my stick cars.

    33. Nick Martinez

      Like always they push a honda too hard

    34. Nick Martinez

      How dare u use a metal spatula on a black stone lol

      1. Nick Martinez

        Then he go n use a fucking adjustable wrench lmfao

    35. Nick Martinez

      Opening meat packaging with a flathead... like a real gearhead lol

    36. Shazzam24

      what does the ''Bald Eagle's'' button on Leroy do?

    37. Paul Condie

      Love james Nova

    38. Paul Condie

      That metal flipper in that teflon grill is killinge buds! Breakfast of champions!

    39. Jjj Hjjj

      Not today hondas lmfaoo😂😂

    40. Dr. Mark in Texas

      🏆🏆🏆👍🙏 SUBSCRIBED Thank you for sharing

    41. Tyler Puff

      14:40 jackstand was hypeddddd

    42. tylerpayne07

      Been binge watching these TX2K21 videos all day. The cooking segment was awesome. Especially when for a second I didn't even notice the spatula was gone. Nice touch. And can we finally get Ruby's steering wheel straight then?

    43. Andrew White

      Rockin episode

    44. Clappy Pappy

      cleeter finally admits dr pepper is the greater pip

    45. Andrew White

      Chef Cleet! Nice cookin demo bud, i laughed.

    46. thesecretfox

      Hear me out. This vs That. Leroy or Ruby vs Hoonicorn. Give em the gap.

    47. Tucker Garcia

      18:12 well that was a nice cameo

    48. David Pruitt

      Dougies NOVA is Bad ass!

    49. Ampersand McVinegar

      Stop using a metal spatula on that griddle.

    50. FITX & HUGS

      Can't wait to see mullet loaded into that trailer!

    51. Brad Pittman

      Common bro that’s a griddle not a grill. Anyways thanks and keep it up. I hope the wheelies go away. Good luck.

    52. Yvan Gagnon

      *Cleetus climbing out of ruby in the trailer* *Morgan Freeman voice*: "Here we are, witnessing the majestic birth of a baby giraffe."

    53. Daniel Fontaine

      Hey if O'l Cleet had a breakfast joint I would deff eat those ham and egg scramble hash thing he made 😂

    54. gavin bullard

      Is anybody else cringing watching cleet use a metal spatula on a nonstick surface

    55. firelizard2

      Hell yeah brother, it's the Cleetus McFarland Cooking Show

    56. Bean Lord

      Forget racing with cleet I wanna eat breakfast with him 😂😂 Florida man knows how to cook

    57. Charles Lynch

      Laughing my butt off watching you guys awesome still smiling

    58. James tyrrell

      I ordered my black stone yesterday...but mine is gas..no power needed

    59. Brian Proffitt

      Nah you big tripping, Dr Pepper will never be better than mtn dew in the morning

    60. Jesus Valdovinos

      Bald eagles 🦅

    61. Dustin Veldstra

      Cookin with Cleetus

    62. john doe

      @Cleetus McFarland The Next engineering step is ADDing another Engine Vacuum, that sucks the car into the ground at take OFF. 1970, Chaparral Racing changed the game in Can Am with the 2J "Sucker Car". Pulled the car into the ground with a Vacuum!!!!

    63. Jimmy Barrett

      Leroy is proof that the guys at roadkill accidentally invented the coolest cars ever

    64. Michael Lenheiser

      +1 on the DP

    65. Earl Alford

      Right on


      James needs a wheelie bar

    67. Earl Alford

      Living the dream

    68. Earl Alford

      Hell Yea great breakfast

    69. Meows McDermick

      Why didn't you just move steering wheel overca bolt

    70. Mr Williams

      Street outlaws vs Do it for sale.

    71. William Forrest

      Cooking with clet

    72. Bombs Away - Multiplayer Records

      leroy only loses to leroy 🤣

    73. MitchJ 4440

      Ruby wants her tractor flap back!

    74. Luxter1994

      LET'S GO, LEROY, LET'S GO! 👏👏

    75. LuckyLegacy

      Over cooked the shit out of those eggs

    76. Andys709

      Cooking with cleet 🤣

    77. Ben S

      I want to see blackstone sponsor this channel

    78. Tempus Fugit

      the red light,. you only human man, keep it up!!!

    79. Money Ninja

      *****CLEEDUS *********

      1. Money Ninja


      2. Money Ninja

        (no homo)

      3. Money Ninja

        Love you BROTHER

      4. Money Ninja


      5. Money Ninja


    80. Money Ninja

      You gotta try a ice cold orange crush in the can. The shizzy

      1. Money Ninja


      2. Money Ninja


      3. Money Ninja

        I might need a crown vic to sleep in also. It's been a while since I been home

      4. Money Ninja

        I might need a job. I think I've been gone to long

      5. Money Ninja

        I've been in Houston since before the SNOW storm waiting for cleedus and cars. FINALLY

    81. Michael Sudak

      C’mon, everyone knows you use channel locks with link sausage. Crescent for patties!

    82. Daniel Jakobsen

      If you can't beat them, beat yourself 😂😂

    83. JiMiNaToR

      "not today Hondas"

    84. Origins Garage

      It's always sad when you realize you're near the end of the video and you're only in the semis

    85. cleric670

      The metal spatula on the teflon cooking surface is the best.

    86. Mr Rustler


    87. Nicholas kiziuk

      Two step had me so fired up

    88. matthew king

      Liking the cooking with cleetus content. He's a man of many talents 😄.

    89. Deni Gong

      James bouncy bouncy

    90. Westboundbadger

      Great effort,....But you have to ask the question how many of the other competitors are also splitting their time between car preparation and restoring a race circuit,.....

    91. Demareo ProGamer

      James there is something call wheelie bars my dud.

    92. David Salama

      What’s that red button he’s pressing at 10:07 . Nitrous?

    93. Adam Carmean

      The Crescent wrench, never thought aboot it being a Spatula as well. So versatile right up there next to duct tape and windex.

    94. Art Springsteen

      +1 Dr. Pepper

    95. Chad Warner

      When you only use that brake clean on the Grill you make sure it's the chlorinated con right LOL . y'all still supported by Mountain Dew because I never hear you mention Bartle skeet anymore???

    96. reddsracing

      Am I playing fallout? Lmao

    97. mikey robertson

      love seeing James jump up celebrating in every clip of cleet treeing on take offs!!!

    98. Daemon Wolf

      Yeah, controversial. After they changed their recipe I haven't been able to tolerate straight Mountain Dew like I do their other various flavors such as White Out, Pitch Black (I and II), Major Mellon, Voltage, Live Wire, Code Red, and if anyone's wondering why I don't include Frostbite, It doesn't set well with me. Dr. Pepper remains unchanged. As for you bacon problem, man you can NEVER have enough bacon.

    99. reelNMangler gilly

      Leroy only loses to Leroy is dam right cleeter!! Keep it up bro your the 🐐

    100. The Legend

      Why not just snap new turbos on Leroy