We Made it to Texas!!! Unreasonably Making Sure All of Our Cars Still Do Burnouts...

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    The boys made it to Texas, time to get the cars unloaded and ready to RIP!
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    1. bigBOSScross252

      Rotary best sounding engine still to this day

    2. Paavo Kaleva

      2 stroke mystery machine.

    3. Sw1 Moco

      True car guy, doesn’t matter what it is if it’s cool Cleetus gives props. Loved how he took time to showcase the transport rig. Reminds me of the rig from the movie “Maximum Overdrive”

    4. Autonut

      You have to tell me where you found a two person zero gravity chair that has a bar through the center!!!

    5. JasperS

      hahahahaha "this gearbox looks like the ones from fast and the furious" - cracked me up 🤣🤣

    6. Stacy Reid

      While y’all are there in Houston have y’all ever went to Traders Village there it’s off I-10 interstate they should have a bunch of stuff that you’d like plus good tools really cheap , tires to fit everything I believe but your mud trucks

    7. I SEE You

      USA USA USA.....More more more more......From Alabama...

    8. Joe Braxton Anders

      Get that trucker a burnout truck for your track lol

    9. Mikey Like Thailand

      Freedom scented merchandise... NiCe!!

    10. Skyline RS*R

      Pre checking to see if the burnout pad is skid worthy is an absolute must!

    11. Travis Hartley


    12. sparky

      part of your payment to that trucker was hopefully a free ticket to this event

    13. Logan Clark

      That’s such a beautiful truck

    14. Joey Dellapenna

      Ralphie is up north! Just spotted that beast heading eastbound on the PA turnpike

    15. Rick

      Love your videos

    16. lee boling

      Mystery Machine, 134 dbs

    17. Josiah Kierstead

      Gets to drive amazing tricked out semi, but chooses to play with the bumper

    18. Raul Ordonez

      When Warbird starts and idles google subtitle says "foreign" "foreign". How appropriate

    19. Travis Sweigart

      Hell yeah brother

    20. Bryan Lewis

      The fast and the furious gearbox reference had me rolling lmfao


      The discount tire telephone ring made me cringe!

    22. Ryan Martin

      That fast and furious comment made me lose it 😂😂

    23. ctc 2469

      What happened to coop?

    24. Nathan Atkisson

      Am i going to have to come down and let you drive mine. Teach you how to shift one

    25. Chris Ryder

      Fast foward 2 years and cleeter is driving his own Petercar parkin lot to events.

    26. Zackary Santos

      0:50 she's been here too long, lmao

    27. Rhett Krecic

      Spotted the truck with the trailer empty on 95 yesterday around 8 PM...

    28. JosueCantaleBonito

      505 REPRESENT

    29. Jakey Built Fabrication

      Literally Garrett can not help himself in the mystery machine, he just had to rev it 😂

    30. Jake Mcbeth

      Check my channel out @Jakemcbeth New Zealand burnout and drifting scene, 4x4 and more to come. Come see how us Nzers send it !!!

    31. Awesome Challenges

      Thy Mystery Machine sounds like a 2 stroke dirt bike what a ripper.

    32. That 240sx

      If ur familiar with elf on the shelf then heres cleet in the pete

    33. Dezaray A

      has Cleetus bought the mystery machine from coop? Think I missed a video

    34. Southseven customs

      These videos have changed my whole view on car haulers

    35. joshuanicholas450

      I can smell the rubber through the screen 👌

    36. Dizz

      If it fits, it rips

    37. StaleSpaghetti

      Seeing neighbor do what it does best I don't see why cleetus doesn't just enter neighbor into summernats

    38. riden240

      What ever happened with cleetus and Cooper? I musta missed it... how come he doesn't hang around now and it's all out on his own... what I miss!?

    39. Paul Jenks

      Speaking of daily vids is the month of freedom 2 almost here

    40. Gerald Smith

      Did they just forget killa bee?

    41. wes johnson

      Hey cletus I have been going through a tough time my son was taken away from me by his mother and it's been weeks since I've seen him or heard his voice I can't even put his toys away at my house cuz I miss him so much but your video have been pretty much keeping me from loosing it all together man I dont know what I would have done with out your encouragement to keep going thanks you .from a broken dad

    42. Ryan Warner

      It’d be cool to see a full review of that Semi

    43. Pullin24s

      13:12 just wait til he finds the price of them vouges! best tires out there

    44. Avel _Shmavel

      No one gets the doubled jacked up on a Friday line.... :D Hint "Double-cheeked up on a Friday".

    45. Bradley Ross

      warbird doesn't sound like it could even idle wtf

    46. Jayden Pitt

      When the GT500 engine blows up, you NEED to put a Barra in it. I'll happily send you one

    47. Alex Wright

      What engine is in the mystery machine?? Sounds like a bike engine but turbo?

    48. Buildinup6

      @cleetusMcfarland if you come to MKE Wisconsin I’ll teach you how to drive my manual semi. It’s not a 13 or 18 speed which I do like those better then my 10 speed but it’s easy!

    49. M owler

      Have to say you young men have put a new notch in motor sports.

    50. Silky Johnson

      Neighbor is so reliable it doesn't even need a charged battery, lol

    51. SoSlo2

      I know it goes against the 'no hoods no problems' mantra but I'd still love to see Neighbor get himself a custom hood with GT500 louvers and styling. Also still think that since Coop isn't piloting the Mystery Machine, it needs a new wrap and re-branded as "My Little Toaster"

    52. Guido Sarducci

      It's a really cool build. But those rice grinders w/ rev limiters are one of the most annoying sound in the world. Any motor with rev limiter for that matter.

    53. whburton1

      Squish face, with your NLname money can't you get that nasal issue fixed?

    54. Braz Carpenter

      I just watched a video of you unloading a trailer ? Come on dude.... It’s better to skip an upload rather than upload junk. Wasting people’s time, eventually they will stop watching.

    55. MoeGravey

      "She's built like a steakhouse, but handles like a bistro"

    56. Ricardo Pesenti

      Florida man does burnouts in Texas^^

    57. Shalomslime

      If y’all sold a model of Neighbor I would totally buy, even if it was 100 bucks

    58. Tonald Drump

      When will maddie get a burnout car? I think she deserves her own burnout vehicle.

    59. teknoäijä

      20.02 maddie looks like she is going to jump cleeters bones(R)

    60. Theshowwithjay

      Still don’t understand why forza horizon hasn’t added Leroy


      F I R E ME U P

    62. ace mobile

      I wonder if Cletus has ever gone up to Maddie & said "babe I want to make you smell like freedom?"

    63. nd4spdbh

      Wheres cooper?!?!?!

    64. Matt Shafer

      Anybody else feel like he should re-record/update “hell yeah brother you’re watching cleetus McFarland NLname channel” on a clearer microphone? I can hear the difference in audio between the footage and the pre recording. IMO

    65. john martin

      Okay like this if you agree and would love to see it......I need to see a sand dune drag race between SXS VLOG WITH THE 2jz vs BOOSTED BOIZ RAZZLE DAZZLE VS CLEETUS McFARLAND with either LEROY with paddle tires or MYSTERY MACHINE with paddle tires lol that would be a epic race

    66. Kevin Moore

      What the fuck is in that mystery machine. Sounds like a damn lawnmower

    67. john martin

      Two things #1 the mystery machine exhaust should split under the windshield run to the edge then a 90° turn up like twin stacks on both sides of windshield lol #2 and/or figure out how you can get the turbo on the exhaust in front of van lol Or I want to see some paddle tires on the mystery machine lol

    68. bill collins

      That van is cool lol

    69. Mick Farrell

      Someone pulled the Grumpy Old Men trick to George and left a fish behind the driver's seat.

    70. Josh McDonald

      On my way to Georgia to prep hunting land. Around mm 372 I look in the southbound lane and catch the car stacker!! Pretty awesome. Cars are almost home Cleetus!!

    71. JTL

      Yuk, rotary sounds like crap!

    72. Ronnie Spiler

      Where's Cooper?

    73. Brandon Van Wyk

      Mystery Machine looks like an elephant with that exhaust pipe! LOL Need to add some flappy ears to the mirrors

    74. Jay Furney

      Don't back off, Don't Slack Off ,and most of all don't JAckKnife

    75. Sam Meister

      Today i learned you can bump start an automatic

    76. throttle bottle

      picking up and moving the mystery machine rear end over :))) totally what a friends uncle did on a tiny car with broken reverse in the mid 1980's. but he did it by himself, dud was built like an OX. R.I.P. Edward ;)

    77. throttle bottle

      LMAO, 5 Donkey power @ 7:05 LOOOL

    78. Niall Dunne

      Dammm I'm in Europe I cant walk out of my house without wearing a mask incase I cause the apocalypse and Cleetus out here high fiving everyone. I gotta move to Texas

      1. throttle bottle

        oh lord, the issue is vertical and horizontal dense packed rat nests. when you all live that close together and share building/town air? it's so easy to pass along anything. so improper built sky scrapers, apartment complex, multiplex housing is all suspect. also that which has aged beyond 5 to 10 years, likely there's large penetration hokes open between, which will spread fire and smoke wildly, thus killing off many folks or whole blocks + of row houses or vertical towers ( twin towers ring a bell) does ant colonies and other dense packed bee/rodent/animal living quarters ring any bells? not only does the possibility of natural disasters increase million fold, not factor in human and animal error. death sentence LOL

    79. Jonka Olofsson

      Brent is just the embodiment of real friendship and happiness, that guy is just the best

    80. Wicked Paintball

      Neighbor is still the "Elite of the Fleet" !

    81. Dion_J

      Trust cleetus to run 500hp through 4 stud wheels

    82. Alexc2777

      I guarantee you Neighbor, with sirens and lights, would hands down win summernats on its first try.

    83. Ashton kinnett

      k tot vs rotary van 🙏


      add a 2step

    85. Branon Davis

      JH Who

    86. Robert Jackson

      Cleetus McFarland you need to get warbird outfitted with some small tires Mickey Thompson drag slicks on some beadlocks and run it down the Dragstrip and then get warbird out on the burnout pad and pop the Slicks this has got to happen R U game?


      Where's Cooper?

    88. Old Row LSU

      We got a video of y’all passing through Baton Rouge. Love the channel can’t wait to see more content!

    89. PFI Speed

      Who needs Money to be Rich when we have friends like these!! I can’t wait to Rip with everyone again ! Let’s Go!

    90. TriplePedal _03

      L&M engines baby

    91. David Boddie

      Wait, did Cooper loan out the Mystery Machine for the event or did he give it away?

    92. Anything

      Warbird and Mystery maching are definitley the best/fun cars

    93. Dem BoyZ

      Mystery machine looks like a elephant😂😂😂😂I love it

    94. travis todd

      I love the purple on and in that semi

    95. Robert McDevitt

      Hey Cleeter, you like stick shift, you like big rigs, but I do not see this kind of motorsport in these parts, more of an O'Canada thing, eh? fb.watch/4w_QO9J4sk/

    96. Joseph Mccouch

      Brent is THE HAPPIEST individual on the face of the earth, for sure

    97. filemon leija

      The perpetual millimeter quantitatively polish because pair meteorologically discover pro a absorbing box. makeshift, jumbled bomb

    98. Ted Longings

      I’m a manual transmission diver forever, but only a COMPLETE IDIOT, would buy a new semi without an auto transmission

    99. Scott

      Does that truck have it's own youtube channel?

    100. William’s Davis Gaming

      Cleetus looks like a truck driver put some truck boots on and his ready lmao 😂