We're Letting ONE Odd Ball Car Into the Freedom 500!!!! I May Have Made a Mistake... (FWD)

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    This may be a problem... is Ryan Tuerck going to have an advantage in the F500??
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    United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      Remember guys it's $5 bucks cheaper if you buy the PPV before the day of the race!!! Grab your tickets here before the FREEDOM IS HERE: www.cleetusmcfarland.com/freedom-500-2021/

      1. Justin Clement

        My god dude you need a nose job so bad and, can you even breathe

      2. SteakLover

        Junkyard Digs needs to be there too.... ijs...

      3. Caleb Pearson

        You should add a freedom factory museum!

      4. Trydent B-Rad

        Whistlin diesel might have to take one for the team😂😂😢

      5. The World According To Me

        Cleetus McFarland I swear I seen your beautiful beautiful car hauler Wednesday (I think) afternoon, you were heading southbound on west 465 in Indianapolis just scootin' along truck lookin' all sexy as hell! I wanted to catch up to you but my work van has a limiter on it plus GPS so they would have had a issue! But I hope you had a good time doin what you do! 🙂

    2. Lucy Morris

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    3. Rhett Krecic

      No one is going to tell us why it didn't make it without even being wrecked? What broke? We want to know...

    4. Stryker Red

      Gonna be honest with you, Cleetus. Maybe you should've gotten him a Lexus LS400 from the early 90's or a used Lexus GS400. I know, they're not cheap compared to the P71's, but it would be a level playing field and they're RWD Toyotas overseas.

    5. Evan Moore

      The holes on the topper were probably from a rack that was once there, not a spoiler. The topper on my truck has holes front and rear on the top from a rack.

    6. Travis Hartley


    7. Nancy White

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    8. Van gard

      Its a toyota for god sake, there classed as white goods .

    9. Aaron Norris

      Pull the fuse to kill it

    10. xXDoughboyPlayzXx

      daddy dave is gonna run thru the competition

    11. scottryana

      Should have bought the man an LS400 or LS430, at least it would have been a V8 RWD big body sedan like the Crown Vics.

    12. Elizabeth Del castillo

      After careful analysis I hereby say that the 2003 Toyota Camry™️ will struggle because of the dirty air from the Crown Victorias Edit: before you car nerds explain i’m not a car nerd

    13. Dalton Degroff

      Front wheel drive it will win

      1. Rhett Krecic

        Watching the race in person, it understeered badly coming into a turn. Ryan did a good job though staying low into the turns to give him some space to ride it out. But he pulled off for some unknown reason. But he was making his way up though.

    14. Jairo Garcia

      Whistling diesel for the win April 2nd

    15. throttle bottle

      pull the "main ECM power relay" on the vic, she'll shut right off instantly :))

    16. throttle bottle

      crate engine cost them more in shipping than the engine itself and I'm sure that's dirt cheap also ;)

    17. Internet

      Now your going to have the whole world buying camrys lmao

    18. Robert Rankin

      Deegan gonna wreck everyone as usual.

    19. Robert Potrykus

      I think it will leave the crown vic's in the dust, because of weight to HP ratio.

    20. Chris Ferguson

      Just a thought, 'cause I do have 'em, what about a rear wheel drive Lexus. It's kind of a Toyota, and some earlier ones had V-8s. Like the one Jared on WrenchEveryday used to drive across country, or whatever. Just an idea....🤔

    21. Nick Martinez

      I just peeped the outro music is rappers delight bassline

    22. Nick Martinez

      Taped off the logo or pulled it off.. but said fuck the letters spray the shits

    23. Nick Martinez

      12.30... is that a home made fireworks setup? Lol

    24. Nick Martinez

      Cleetus - `nitrous the world`

    25. kareem dawoud

      We need you to blog the road trip

    26. Matt

      James is my spirit animal! 250m subs?? You guys rock!🤘🏽

    27. Farmer Fpv

      Just noticed Jackstand has ghetto booty. No homo, lol.

    28. cleric670

      I think you need a project manager to handle your logistics and such so you can focus more on the video content. Isn't that basically what Cooper did before it set out to carve his own destiny?

    29. mike74m

      You should put a push-bar on the Fun-Haver Vic

    30. Clay Delaino

      Storage problems no problem conexes no permit required

    31. Cj 327

      You guys need to invite the grindhard plumbing boys out to the next freedom 500

    32. Knut

      build that volvo 240! give it an ls engine and make it a ripper

    33. Mike Godowski

      Crown Vic asphalt racing needs to become the next amateur racing series. This stuff looks so fun and it is really affordable to compete!

    34. Gorbie Barrow

      I think Tavarish likes giving you Civics...

    35. twothreebravo

      "I'm signed with Toyota so I have to drive a Toyota in the Freedom 500" Is a sentence I never thought would exist.

    36. Dwaine Williams

      Think it helps Cleet knows the place but Pastrana is loose mentally and super competitive so I think he's got it but Tanner and the guy's used to this could change anything... Have to realise how many talents and such names in this is awesome. To be able to bring such group of names together just shows how well all this is going!

    37. flyfishing Michigan

      Top 5 1. Brent 2. Brent 3. PFI 4. Brent 5. Cletus

    38. Mr Twiztid

      I'd put that on a lifted truck lol

    39. lscansir cured

      Chevy motor are trash...

    40. what could go wrong

      Me, the 2004 manual camry is the best car ever made

    41. Jeff Hill

      A lexus LS400 may be another option? or an older toyota cressida?

    42. Nick Martinez

      It ain't a big light til its water cooled lol

    43. Joe McFly

      The Toyota will survive

    44. Kenny Swanson

      Should have found him an old school rwd Cressida lol


      How can a guy like myself get an ls3 with all the goodies shipped to my front door with no cash???

    46. owen maxwell

      Are we allowed to put money on the camry??? I've jumped a few there still going, arguable the most bullet proof vehicle, i'd put a bag on it.

    47. Math D.

      Does Pastrana need to run a Subaru?

    48. Hunter Olson

      if you buy merch do you still get tickets or is that deal not a thing anymore

    49. Joel Coopersmith

      Travis patrana 1st place. The rest idk

    50. USN DeathToAll

      210HP in the 24v VVT-I v6 camry... a lil less than a Crown Vic but it also weighs less.

    51. Dustin Kuhn

      Hopefully the Toyota gets taken out! Let them American vehicles run the show!!!!

    52. SkuseyBoy

      what time would the race be starting?? i live in the uk would love to watch the ppv event but if its like 2-3 am for me its a no go

    53. Wicklash

      Shoulda got him a lexus

    54. Colin Clarke

      should’ve got a lexus ls400 for him

    55. Dave

      That volvo tho!!!

    56. Kyle Osbun

      I thought the Toyota was going to be in there for a fun reason. Thats kinda lame a pro driver gets to ruin the spirit of the race because of sponsorship that has nothing to do with youtube fun

    57. Kevin Cruz

      2:06 I'd like to know when we're going to find out how you guys acquired Tavarish's 'Bugatti.' This car is sitting in the background of both of your guys recent videos, and I'm guessing it's Tavarish who's lagging.

    58. Luke France

      But is the water Clearwater Florida actually clear is the real question

    59. TheGrimfulDread

      Part of me would still like to see Gavin from itsjusta6 race in the 500 one day lol

    60. XycoTV

      James is a savage 🤣

    61. Thomas Langton

      Ken block is the one an only in my books other than Dale earnhardt

    62. Gilbert G.

      2:06 ah yes, Tavarish is in town

    63. Brayden S

      the 5th gen camrys should be WAAYYYY more supported than they are

    64. kwakanz

      Doesn’t each drive have a back up car? So do you have two Toyota’s ?

    65. broncobubba3169

      Why would you let Japan win! You really think Chevy wants Bowman in a Ford?

    66. Romullus

      You could have used a 2003 toyota avalon instead of the camry. That would have been in line with the crown vics and its heavier. The camry is much lighter in weight and thats why its faster. Still front wheel drive but it probably would have blended better. Also I hope that DemoRanch is NOT last place this time.

    67. David Windsor

      Can you put another shed on the Freedom Factory. Grounds for more storage as a temporary measure.

    68. The CG Mod Shop

      Code Cletus isn’t working on summit. Any suggestions?

    69. Australian Lawn Fanatics

      How cool is the Bugatti civic 😂

    70. KariAnne Studeman

      So, after some time thinking about this...{head bobbing...lip smacking...tongue biting... face twisting...many deep breaths...true merican consideration}.. Okay Cleetus it's your bat and ball, on your playground, and what you say goes! However if this is going to be, are you really going to put a red car out there in a field of white? {that's not merican fair} paint it white!, other wise it's an even bigger target and that ain't mericn fair. I'm just sayin.

    71. Soloman The Tegu Solo

      Put up a TENT, for shop space as a temporary until you can build a metal shop. California has a billion tents that every restaurant was required to have for dining outside. Pick one up cheap!

    72. Ryan Nickell

      The teeny moat basically want because windscreen conspicuously book absent a towering alloy. tasteful, adventurous quotation

    73. Racer X

      My wife has an 05 with 760, 000 miles on it

    74. Boo Boo

      Suggestion: Large tent ... check local building codes. Its possible to erect a large tent on existing concrete ... or 3 ... to house some things

    75. Nessar 23

      Trokindo james

    76. Derek Carter

      LOL 🤣 when he said he blew up the summit van

    77. Korimkhan Torikul

      The resolute greece explicitly describe because beret acutely paint beneath a smart half-brother. receptive, jumpy sousaphone

    78. Corinne Straight-Reed

      Made in China lights thanks cleetus

    79. chapa435ify

      Freedom 500 on monday Crown vic parts and pick (pickyourpart) on Monday Lol

    80. Amy Ballew

      1. Cleetus 2.alex bowman 3.hailie deegan 4.Derek VGG 5.james

    81. V0S1N0

      Oh yeah the topper needs an a-team wing.

    82. SteakLover

      Junkyard Digs needs to be there too.... ijs...

    83. t johnson

      Cleetus will have the Toyota busted before race day, I am confident.

    84. 77 Zrod

      Clean or replace the iac valve on the camry. I'm about to do mine right after this video on my 2001 3.0.

    85. Jeremiah Truman

      Good show!

    86. Stefin Dabulewicz

      Cody gonna wreck this lol

    87. Luis Rodriguez

      James needs to keep the topper on looks great

    88. Alex Tanner

      This is a petition for James' truck to get that wing. The bigger the better

    89. chad l

      James for the win thats it

    90. chad l

      Send me one for my weed....

      1. chad l

        I will hook you up lol

    91. ChainZ

      Clap at 3:32 sounds like an old COD Hitmarker

    92. CriticoolHit

      I'd like to return to a time where a 2 second stoplight burnout wasn't "out of control"

    93. kitsune1324

      Taylor Ray ftw!

    94. CriticoolHit

      PROTECT THOSE LIGHTS. Get a temp security guard or something or those lights will be growing weed by the end of the month.

    95. Austin Deer

      Bugatti civic is the hardest flex

    96. D U

      Fuckin rights guys

    97. Unglued

      uhhh whats the price on the bugatti civic

    98. DoubleClutchProductions

      Thank you Cleeter for making Crown Vics great again.

    99. Rob

      Never count Travis Pastrana out.

    100. chuy -tastic

      soo im new too this channel....what in the world does he have in that Sierra