We've Organized The ULTIMATE Pro Driver/Drifter/Youtuber Race! The 2021 Freedom 500 Will Be INSANE!

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    LIVE TICKETS to the Freedom 500 and Cleetus and Cars can be found here: bit.ly/3sI7tW2
    They go live tomorrow March 2nd, 2021 at 2pm EST.
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    1. Cleetus McFarland

      I'm not only excited to drive, but to just meet these legends. I fan girl'd when I first talked to Travis lol

      1. Shaun

        @higgy we don't have to worry he won't be there to spread his nonsensical bullshit he will be off getting his "covid vaccine" I'm sure without him they'll be able to have fun

      2. nalu

        Love it, look forward to it and cant wait to see @187 customs (murder nova and daddy dave at the event. Way to go cleetlus


        @Dylan Foster on Shawn’s NLname channel they said he’s in and racing in it. Can’t wait

      4. michael s. clark

        @Jason Wells will be his second time at the FF

      5. Shawn l

        @Evooo i saw T P racein in troy ohio in like 01 hes the man

    2. Rocket Rob

      First off love your content. Went to the new website, Nice.. Need a bald eagle sound effect, love hearing that every time you say it.. I would like to suggest for the next Freedom 500 you consider giving away a chance for a fan to participate race and be involved. I know I would sign a release to give it a go..

    3. Kevin Green

      Great video enjoyed your journey hope dad is enjoying his truck.

    4. Andy Proctor

      Enjoy the entire series everything waving my hand from Gainesville

    5. Ian R

      Get someone like Dax Shepard or jerry Seinfeld

    6. Big Block Chevy

      DEEGAN?! YOOOOOOOO lets go I'm watching this for sure

    7. Bill Deacon

      I’m in, it’s gonna be so sick

    8. Elizabeth Del castillo

      I now know that FF has 2 track layouts and I’ll call it the original and OG Desoto Speedway track just for authenticity Desoto National Road Course Desoto 500 National Oval Circuit I mean I called it Desoto because it’s better than Freedom Factory National Road Course IMO

    9. Trapper Lee

      This is long shot but I need a transmission for a 04 crown vic and can't find none around here would y'all sell one...

    10. 166 OCTANE

      How do we get 1️⃣6️⃣6️⃣ OCTANE on a up coming crownvic race 🤔😎🏁

    11. HollywoodHornet

      Cleetus be destroying all the good cars when he should be buying fleets of those POS 2004 Chevy Impalas to destroy. If there was a ever a car that needed to have its entire production line found, procured and prompty disposed of, it's that car not our beloved Crown Vics.

    12. James McElfresh

      Loving all the vic stuff would love to bring mine down and race with y'all sometime would be a blast

    13. Josh Methax

      You need braydon price

    14. Jayden Truesdale

      You should add itsjusta6

    15. Jaybruhh

      *_BEST in 2021 THUS FAR!_*

    16. Alex McCoy

      That’s cool as shit I watched Travis’ double back also it was cool as hell

    17. Jeremy C

      I can’t wait, I am subscribed to you and Hailie, but I guess hadn’t hit the bell. I watched her video today, which referred me to this. I am so exited, can’t wait!

    18. Jeremy C

      Hell yeah brother!

    19. Robert Stephens

      cleetus i would like to see another ford build

    20. TheBurdMahn

      hm, I wonder what happens to all the beat up crown vics with cages after these events? Could be a sick oppertunity for lemons racing.

    21. cade wattenhofer

      Cleetus wanna hook it up my birthday is on April 3rd! Get me in the live feed?

    22. Turbo Last Name

      I just hope that more than 75 laps are under yellow.

    23. David combos

      Did I miss the epic race with all those drivers.Driving the crown vics or was it exclusive in person event

    24. Motorbreath -

      Sad to see all those crown vics about to get beat up... at least they can handle it

    25. SuperRecon911

      Gavin from itsjusta6

    26. Ben Renner

      I'd like to offer my services as an alternate driver.. as a Florida man I'm already qualified.

    27. Jorge O.

      That 3min burnout intro 😭😭😭 your an Absolute Legend !!! That was hilarious

    28. C-J taylor

      Junkyard Digs crue want to come to you and do some burnouts in 1 off your events there hoping you will inv them to come . best wishes a from a fellow follower from sweden.

    29. Jacob Lilly

      Do Finnegan from Roadkill

    30. This White Dude

      Sold!! Where’s the tickets

    31. plu7o

      wheres coop?

    32. Urban Dude

      How you get whistlin diesel but not Boosted Boiz? 🧐


      Do you guys use custom cages in your vics? If not what cages do y’all use? I’ve just bought a crown Vic and I want to supercharge and put a cage in it

    34. CanAm302

      I'm available from WA, not Washington - Western Australia - Might be interesting doing something that only involves left turns - maybe I could chop one arm off - and bring a drop bear for anyone that gets in the way :D

    35. horsefly1020

      Invite Dale Jr.

    36. horsefly1020

      I can drive the wheels off of a crown vic if you need a fill in.

    37. Jake Bromstad

      Can’t wait to see vgg race

    38. David Heflin

      Phantom , from 187 Customs , just announced Shawn aka "MURDER NOVA" would be there

    39. Twowheel Tony

      Get Christy Lee in the race 🏁

    40. dropbassnetwork

      this lineup is huge! gonna be one of the biggest races on the planet.

    41. Lex Luthor

      Yo talk about what’s going on with the EPA! We need to get the RPM ACT signed into law!

    42. Dustin Armstrong

      Murder Nova and Daddy Dave as well...fn sweet ..

    43. hobbyman53

      You should raffle off a spot for the 2.4 hours le mullets or the freedom 500

    44. Mik3 5959

      How many crown vics have you bought so far?

    45. Shane Yates

      You should invite who TEE who to come and race at Cletus and cars he is an awesome guy that deserves to get to do something like that and there is tons and tons of people that would love to see him involved in that I just think it would be awesome if you would invite him there he's in Tennessee and he's a NLnamer

    46. Shawn l

      Glad there not diesels bros will make people cry as theres 100,000 of diesel trucks in there home town

    47. Foetex

      Murder Nova showing up Pure Hype!

    48. Stephen V

      best ticket intro sale ever!!

    49. Gavin Swan

      Have you priced ripple strips?

    50. John K

      Hey my daughter and i are gonna be at cleetus and cars on the 3rd...i already bought our tickets...but i can't find anywhere that says what time it starts! Please help!

    51. Chris Stempien

      Buttery and Medium from Buttery’s Vlogs?

    52. dj Kerth

      Daddy Dave and murder nova are on the list that’s dope

      1. anthony cope

        Phantom just put it in the outro of the newest video

    53. Burt Jenner

      Lemme send it...

    54. Danny Pitcher

      I can't wait to see the vidgeo

    55. Derptato

      shouldnt u be getting finnegan? and surprised they arent selling the cars to u personally .

    56. Jayden Ballweg

      Another good rout idea is a figure 8 for a road course race

    57. Lee Ducker

      1 minute of the boring stuff, leads to a 5 minute burnout 🤣

    58. Devin Reed

      He needs Braden price

    59. Sir Grumples

      I am sad that Jamie, Kyle, and Cooper are being left out.

    60. The Architect

      @cleetus, hve I thought about contacting a big wrap company (there’s some big ones thst have channels) and have them wrap the cars for each driver? Maybe that’s down the road but thinking NASCAR, a wrap company could get the lazer cut lines and then just contact Pastrana, Wilkee etc and mock up a wrap them the paints good, so not being destroyed with spray pint cans and you could resell them to fans with the wrap or peel off and have the flawless body/paint still. Jsut a thought.

    61. The Architect

      Cleetus , do you see the P-71 interceptors after the races? With some of these drivers if you could get them to sign the cars I’m you could sell these, I know they’re beat up but selling as is and including or removing the cage I guarantee cleetus fans would buy these up, get you some money back.

    62. The Architect

      I used to buy and sell the P-71 Ford Interceptors and they are hard core, they’ve got upgraded and over engineered everything from suspension , brakes, to alternator and HR steel wheels built to jump curbs at 45-90 degree angles at speed and not bend, extra cooling all over, and even body armor in the driver and passenger doors (steel plate) I believe from 2000 on is when they did that. Their awesome, so easy to find parts for. I bought an FBI P71 triple black and looked brand new, thing had all its equipment and light and paid $2,400 , 89,000 miles. I drove that as jsut an extra errand car for several years and love it! Sad that the crown Vic a are starting to finally get harder to find . They stopped producing them forever ago but there were so many seeming infinite but not a lit of police stations using them anymore and the ones that are are pushing the mileage so cleetus will probably have to go Charger after this. It’s too bad cheats Impala went From v8 RWD to v6 FWD cause they are dirt cheap! Get a few more years of crown Vics for these events and the oldest police chargers will be down another couple thousand $.

    63. David Wiebking

      Have Travis get ahold of Jolene. She would be awesome in this.

    64. Oz Kittyboi

      I'm so sad I missed out. I just caught this information, and I'm a racing official, myself

    65. Kevin Absher

      Run figure 8s... Lol.. That should get everybodys attention.. Haha

    66. Daniel G

      One of your best videos

    67. skuz34

      damn that line up...i might have to get me some ppv

    68. Buschelob Ultra

      Please get Ross Chastain in this. He is literally the Florida Man turned Nascar Cup Series Driver

    69. Pauleh

      Last time Travis was on an oval track it didn't go so well...

    70. ArsenalnUrMouth

      With all these NASCAR drivers out here, you gotta try and get Dale Jr. As a driver in a freedom 500. Do it for Dale!

    71. Axle Grind

      freedom factory...cash flow.

    72. Axle Grind

      does the ff come equpt with atm...

    73. crypticrage99

      25 crown vics ready to go and whistlindiesel is going to need at least 17 of those

    74. driojal

      Emelia needs to be in the Freedom 500

    75. Op1 zilla

      Dissapointed, no boosted boiz, what the Fuck k

    76. Outlast Metal Works LLC

      You gotta get Dale Earnhardt Jr. out there to drive.

    77. MagnaKonig

      You need to invite Shawn and Phantom from Street Outlaws 187 Customs for a race. I know they watch your channel man!!!

    78. Phu Nguyen

      Dude invite ChrisFix

    79. Jerred Wayne

      Let's go Derek! Get that W

    80. Florida Bhoy

      Got my tickets for both days so I’m not cutting my mullet till after this and then Wrestlemania. Man I love living in Florida!

    81. Austin Crawford

      Now this, this id pay a million bucks to see. There is some very extremely talented people going to race at a rusty old beat up track (which id have to say you've done a damn good job cleaning it up and fixing her right!). For no other reason but to have fun. Its going to be even more enjoyable than watching fricken nascar. CAN'T WAIT!!!!! *cough* *cough* You should ask the MN Millennial Farmer to take one of those spots. *cough* *cough*

    82. 1st World Problems SOLVED

      WTB BoosteD BOYS in the EVENT....It ain't a freedom 500 without them....PFI ain't the same.

    83. FantasticPhil


    84. JJ

      I saw a beautiful Volvo in the background, let me see more of that 😂

      1. Ryan Waddell

        I was searching the comments hoping to find someone else who spotted it! 😂👌

    85. AdamWrld 999

      How is Kyle from boosted boiz not invited?

    86. Johnswbigb

      This hurts me. I feel so bad for the CAR and engine

    87. Si Raff

      Have you ever considered rumble strips on the grass edges?

    88. Jeff Colons

      Mr Ballen would be a good youtuber to race

    89. Cj Pulver

      Shame on you cleet for not having Kyle from boosted boys on this list......

      1. Rick Steinbauer

        Maybe he’s one of the unconfirmed drivers?

    90. Phill Schneider

      I agree with the oval! The caliber of drivers is so high i think the oval will run much better than the original freedom 500.

    91. JohnRyan Cahill

      And of course Cleet calls out MR Diesel lol!

    92. JohnRyan Cahill

      Got my PPV order Hell Yeah Brother! I wish i could be there in person. Need to come to Michigan!!!!

    93. Jordan Scheurer

      All I heard the whole time was bald eagles

    94. Hunter Vetticus

      Get Emelia Hartford back in!

    95. Will Herrscher

      Le mullets is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard 🤣

    96. Gabriel Price

      Cleet... What about a driver auction... Auction off a drivers spot in one of those crown vics. Maybe.... to offset the field against pro's the auction spot gets a modified crownvic like twice the nitrus, or bigger jets... or some sort of defensive options like a smokescreen on the car.... or maybe a Freedom Lap, 1 lap headstart... Just some thoughts.

    97. Justin Owens

      Cleetus you need to let mason mack drive in the freedom 500 if at all possible he is a bad ass fwd dirt track racer he will put on a show for y’all look him up on fb he’s won so many big races in a Chevy cavalier I race to but I’m not near as good as mason let him race

    98. FixItFrank412

      I think in the future you need to raffle off a spot or two for your NLname subscribers to participate!!

    99. Garageadz

      You should totally add Sarah from "Saran -n- tuned" channel to yout female driver invite list!

    100. ayy-lma0

      Travis Pastrami and Tanner Foust? Holy